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Well here is My spammer.
But when you download and use, U have to use both of the slots!
Screen Shot
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Idk why its So Small

Tanks Typer.exe

How to use:
1. Open Maplestory
2. Login into your account
3. Run [gMS v91.2]Tanks Typer
4. Put in wat u want to spam(Must use both textbox's)
5.And Click enable all
6. Have fun!

Virus Scan
VirusTotal - Free Online Virus, Malware and URL Scanner

Virus info (if you dont want to go to the website):
0 VT Community user(s) with a total of 0 reputation credit(s) say(s) this sample is goodware. 0 VT Community user(s) with a total of 0 reputation credit(s) say(s) this sample is malware.
File name:
Tanks Typer.exe
Submission date:
2010-10-30 18:28:56 (UTC)
Current status:
queued queued analysing finished
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0/ 41 (0.0%)

VT Community
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not reviewed
Safety score: -
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AntivirusVersionLast UpdateResultAhnLab-V32010.10.30.002010.10.29-AntiVir7.10.13.742010.10.29-Antiy-AVL2.0.3.72010.10.30-Authentium5.2.0.52010.10.30-Avast4.8.1351.02010.10.30-Avast55.0.594.02010.10.30-AVG9.0.0.8512010.10.30-BitDefender7.22010.10.30-CAT-QuickHeal11.002010.10.26-ClamAV0.96.2.0-git2010.10.30-Comodo65612010.10.30-DrWeb5.0.2.033002010.10.30-eSafe7.0.17.02010.10.28-eTrust-Vet36.1.79432010.10.29-F-Prot4.6.2.1172010.10.30-F-Secure9.0.16160.02010.10.30-Fortinet4.2.249.02010.10.30-GData212010.10.30-IkarusT3. information
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MD5 : 7c0899449a8d915b6112584018fa79e4SHA1 : 40a45a17fd4d42675dc1b757dc61a2e91b102ba3SHA256: a261fb92191767beb7594474b3eba0e14d4f12ebdbb7f95f9b 4d6e39eafa32d9ssdeep: 1536:rjLz5BvEPvM/Lf5sndiVssBk6ZvVqXvbv66eFTQCi+vKBY5v1C:35BvEPvgMid pZvV6eFT
QqvKBHFile size : 104960 bytesFirst seen: 2010-10-30 18:28:56Last seen : 2010-10-30 18:28:56TrI[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
Generic CIL Executable (.NET, Mono, etc.) (72.5%)
Windows Screen Saver (12.9%)
Win32 Executable Generic (8.4%)
Win16/32 Executable Delphi generic (2.0%)
Generic Win/DOS Executable (1.9%)sigcheck:
publisher....: Microsoft
copyright....: Copyright (c) Microsoft 2010
product......: Tanks Typer
description..: Tanks Typer
original name: Tanks Typer.exe
internal name: Tanks Typer.exe
file version.:
comments.....: n/a
signers......: -
signing date.: -
verified.....: Unsigned
PEInfo: PE structure information

[[ basic data ]]
entrypointaddress: 0x1A49E
timedatestamp....: 0x4CCC8996 (Sat Oct 30 21:09:42 2010)
machinetype......: 0x14c (I386)

[[ 4 section(s) ]]
name, viradd, virsiz, rawdsiz, ntropy, md5
.text, 0x2000, 0x184A4, 0x18600, 7.23, 039354032c600cf32bcd5348edb75394
.sdata, 0x1C000, 0x9B, 0x200, 2.24, e2e7589716f7848448f8b357752e5b1f
.rsrc, 0x1E000, 0xA90, 0xC00, 3.71, fca7bfca96d0b7ca430a94139fdf9319
.reloc, 0x20000, 0xC, 0x200, 0.10, 8ce77b61f7a3de97961fbbcc364abcf2

[[ 1 import(s) ]]
mscoree.dll: _CorExeMain
file metadata
CharacterSet: Unicode
CodeSize: 99840
CompanyName: Microsoft
EntryPoint: 0x1a49e
FileDescription: Tanks Typer
FileFlagsMask: 0x003f
FileOS: Win32
FileSize: 102 kB
FileSubtype: 0
FileType: Win32 EXE
ImageVersion: 0.0
InitializedDataSize: 4096
InternalName: Tanks Typer.exe
LanguageCode: Neutral
LegalCopyright: Copyright Microsoft 2010
LinkerVersion: 8.0
MIMEType: application/octet-stream
MachineType: Intel 386 or later, and compatibles
OSVersion: 4.0
ObjectFileType: Executable application
OriginalFilename: Tanks Typer.exe
PEType: PE32
ProductName: Tanks Typer
Subsystem: Windows GUI
SubsystemVersion: 4.0
TimeStamp: 2010:10:30 23:09:42+02:00
UninitializedDataSize: 0
Symantec reputation:Suspicious.Insight
VT Community
Randyugyen For Coding and Programing.
Things i Used to make the program:
Visual Basics 2008
Well Thanks for using my Spammer [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.] Hope you enjoy it!

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