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How to use:

open it then run AVA.
if you want to shoot press x.

if you want to shoot like 10 times in second hold x

Why Never Detected + Banned ?

1. Start with Admin !
2. When the Hack not work then you must close Skype, TS, Icq Or what ever because its works with a Hotkey.

- Because This Hack inject not in the Game.

File name:
AVA Hack V2.zip
Submission date:
2010-10-06 17:53:38 (UTC)
Current status:
queued queued analysing finished
0/ 43 (0.0%)


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AVA Hack V2.zip

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Level 1
dont work

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Tinyoner wrote:dont work

Did you even Look at the Date? lol....Sorry bro it's Patched.

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