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This Guide has been refit/editted by BlazinDonuts of GameKiller to fit inside a GameKiller thread. I BlazinDonuts, DO/DOES NOT take any credit for this guide. I did not make it. I am giving credits to oreckxl , of Hackulous.


This guide is for educational purposes ONLY. It should only be used on your own network to discover why using WEP is dangerous.

Hacking networks that you don't have permission to is ILLEGAL. Even attempting this on someone else's network is a misdemeanor.

If you're going to hack your neighbor's Wifi, stop reading this thread now

With that out of the way, let's begin .

The tools we are going to be using for this is a bootable Linux distro called Backtrack. More info can be found here.

I'm choosing a bootable solution because

  • It's portable; can be used on any computer
  • It has all the tools we need, preconfigured
  • It has all of the drivers your network card can use

(I assume you have already booted into Backtrack)
STEP ONE: Open a Konsole windows and type CODE

You should get this window:

Look for the three-digit name of your device. If you don't see one, then your card is incompatible. More info at the bottom of the thread
Make note of your wifi card's name!

STEP 2: Spoof yourself!
For an extra layer of security, you should spoof your MAC address. You can do this by running CODE
macchanger --mac 00:11:32:78:22:22 (device name)

Those numbers can be whatever you want, except for the first 00.
You should now see this window:

STEP 3: Enable Monitoring Mode
Before we can start looking for networks, we need to wake up our netcard! Run CODE
airmon-ng start (device name)

This process takes a few seconds, so be patient! Also, your card should start to blink. If everything goes correctly, this should be your result:

STEP 4: Seek
Now it's time to find some networks! Run CODE
airodump-ng (device name)

This should make the Konsole window look like a Wifi Stumbler, but we are looking for one thing; the BSSID. Hint: It looks like your MAC address

STEP 5: Destroy
Let's have some fun now! Go from the "K" button, and navigate to Backtrack>Radio Analysis>80211>All>SpoonWEP

SpoonWEP is a tool that takes place of Airoplay and Aircrack to deliver a GUI for WEP cracking.

This is the basic window with information about each part:

The WEP key should be in red and in-between colons.


My card is incompatible! What should I do?<blockquote>
You should buy a USB wifi dongle. This way, you can crack Wifi anywhere! This is the one I bought (by the way, it's hackintosh compatible )</blockquote>I can't find any networks!<blockquote>Be sure you followed all of the steps exactly.</blockquote>When I run SpoonWEP, I can't get past AUTHORIZING / GETTING PACKETS<blockquote>Try a different method of attack. Sometimes, networks are stubborn.</blockquote>That was easy! But now I see that my network can be compromised. How can I fix this? <blockquote>Login to your router and change your security setting from WEP to WPA2. Be sure to use a random password.

</blockquote>I will add more to the FAQ's when questions come up.

Happy Hacking

I am giving credits to oreckxl , of Hackulous.

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