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This is a guide to hack iMob Online v2.09.
Your iPhone/iPod Touch MUST be jailbroken!


  • Jailbroken iPhone/iPod Touch
  • Cydia source: SiNfuL iPhone Repo
  • The app iFile Cracked
  • iMob v2.09
Money Hack:
Note: Go to iFile Preferences and turn application names ON.

  1. Open iFile and go: />var>mobile>Applications>iMob>Documents>mobsters.d at Open as Property List Viewer
  2. Press Edit
  3. Press the magnify glass
  4. Search for "<key>money</key>"
  5. Enter money amount on the line below the money line. (ex: <integer>99999</integer>
  6. Save
  7. Open iMob and enjoy your money!

  • Do the same as money but search health,energy,or stamina.
  • You can only enter your max amount of what ever. (ex: maxHealth: 100 u can only go up to 100!)

Weapons & Property

  1. Open iMob
  2. Either buy a weapon or property (If you used the money hack i advise you to buy something expensive or something with an income)
  3. Repeat Steps 1-3 on money hack
  4. Search the number of weapons/property you bought (ex: If you bought one .22 pistol search "1")
  5. Find the right line. (A lot of the lines have 1's [ex])
  6. Weapons line will say: "<integer>xxxx</integer> [Line above: <key>count</key>]
  7. Property line will say :"<integer>xxxx</integer> [Line above: <key>ownedCount</key>]
  8. Put desired amount in integer section
  9. Save
  10. Run iMob
  11. Enjoy your property
  12. Repeat if desired
PM me if u have questions!

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