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Hate the download speeds and having to keep your iPod awake while downloading directly from it? Well here is an easy way to get apps on your iPod, but download them from the computer.

Installous(Doesn't matter that appulo is down) OR Appcake
WinSCP( Download WinSCP from SourceForge.net )
A wifi connection
You need to download OpenSSH from Cydia or else your iPod won't be SSH compatible.~BlazinDonuts

Ok, so once you have all that(as anyone with a jailbroken device should) follow these steps.

1.Download an IPA file from wherever you choose. Note, some may come as .zip files, DO NOT UNZIP THESE.
2.Open up WinSCP and connect to your device (Host=your wifi IP, user=root pass=alpine for those wondering. It also must be plugged in)
3.Navigate to the location shown in this picture:

4. Now, depending on which program you choose, it will vary.
For Appcake:
1.Double click the "AppCake" folder shown.
2. Drop your .ipa or .zip app into the "Upload" folder(If it is a .zip, remove the .zip extension and replace it with .ipa. This only works INSIDE winscp.)
3. Open up AppCake and tap Task, the app will be there and you just click install!

With Installous:
1. In the same "Media" folder, click downloads.
2.Drag your ipa or .zip(see above for .zip files) into the folder.
3. Open insallous and it will be listed and ready to install!

So, that is all there is too it. If you need help, just ask.

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