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Level 2
Level 2
SkaBoiz's Public Hacks 1.0 Code:
Features -

Visual +
Sat. Chams
Full Bright
Glass Walls
Visions - 3 Options - Night Vision, Infected Vision, Grey Plain Vision
X-Hair ---> 4 Options - Red, Green, Blue, White

Removals +
No Recoil
No Spread
No Fog
No Sway
No Reload
No Smoke
No Gun ( Less Lag )
No Sun ( Less Lag )
No Snow ( Less Lag )

Modifier +
Fly Hack ---> On And Press Space
Speed Hack ---> 10 Options - 1 - 10 Make It Faster
Long Reach
Super Jump ---> 3 Options - 1 - 3 Make It Higher
Cam Position ---> 2 Options - Up And Down
Cam X
Cam Z

Semi-Vip +
Super Bullet

Others +
Show FPS

Screen Shot -

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Movable Menu -
Numpad 8 - Menu Go Up
Numpad 4 - Menu Go Left
Numpad 2 - Menu Go Down
Numpad 6 - Menu Go Right

Instructions For Cam Position -
There Is 2 Option For Cam Position Option "Up" And Option "Down". Once You Press Option "Up" Or "Down" Press "Ctrl" Button On Your Keyboard.

Extra -
Go To Google And Download DevInjector.
---> Download The latest DirectX End-User Runtime.
---> Download .Net Framework 4.

::..Windows 32-bit..::

Windows Xp 32-bit - Working
Windows Vista 32-bit - Not Tested
Windows 7 32-bit - Working

::..Windows 64-bit..::

Windows Xp 64-bit - Not Tested
Windows Vista 64-bit - Not Tested
Windows 7 64-bit - Not tested

::.. Virus Scans ..::

Note - This Hack Is Laggy Please Don't Flame Me About Lagg.

Credits -

Thank Me Please!

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