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Head Administer
Head Administer

I Found this hack on another forum and I would like to share it with GK since thers none working yet.

A.V.A 27,12,09 hacks.rar

Aimbot, Chams, No recoil, etc..

Ill try making a Anti-kick if is possible before jan patch

Guide :

1.Download the A.V.A hack
2.Save it where ever you want I saved in desktop
3.Extract the injector and Dll. to desktop
4.Open the Injector[If window vista or 7, run as admin]

5.Don't mind my background and click ''Add'' and choose the .dll you downloaded and put under process name AVA.exe

6. Login in Reactor and start A.V.A
7.When you see a little icon on the injector or the image poping out, inject it.

Final: It should say Injected and when in game click F8 if you wanna change any setting exemple Aimbot you can change
to aimbot at Head,neck,Body,Arm etc.. by going on Aimbot and click down arrow,Side arrow for changes.

Solution : Failed to inject: Did you a .dll?
If window 7 or Vista did you run as admin?
Did you Inject when the icon of A.V.A came beside process name or when image comes out ?
Did you put under the process name AVA.exe ?
Or worst Did you even started the game?

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Level 1
the game stopps after injection

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Level 0
san ko yan iddownload wew! send nyo sa YM KO email [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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