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Hi, most people having problems to change the item names in archlord .. because this i finished this tool to release it to public.
I'm open for anything that you miss in the tool .. just pm me.

Here is a screen shot:

- 08.04.2010 V1.0 First release
- 08.04.2010 V1.1 Fixed the Race/Class detection
- 14.04.2010 V1.2 Autobuild Name feature added, look the new screen shot
- 15.04.2010 V1.3 Fixed the problem with the new update of archlord

Download links:

How to use:
- start the program and click <Open Ini for Edit>
- write a search eg. blode or pendant
- click the entry you want edit in the list
- change the name in the right box and press Enter or <Save>
- if you are finished click <Write modified Ini> the program asks you if you want backup your old

- Backups are created in the ini folder of your archlord Dir and gets a name like this "itemtemplateentry_datetime.ini"
- the WC field is a hint only (does not work 100% because the info isn't in the ini always)

If you get Problems:
- Try to run the tool with Admin rights
- Post a screen shot of the error message you get
- Try to describe your problem exact as possible (German prefered ^^)


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