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Hello all im trying to make a pserver. i made a v83 using excellzone(Love you zodiac) and yea it worked(mapleblade).two things wrong with it 1.no auto reg 2. no good customs . So please if you have spare time give me a few customs or a good easy tutorial for making a auto reg ,i would love(thankXD) and rep.

So please help me with finding or making me good customs for my v83 pserver, also im newb to CMS so it would be appreciated if you gave me a good CMS with tut tysm all. did i mention i love zodiac????( lol just kidding but i love you and your work!)

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MoopleDEV | 0.83 Source |

Download link (Rev 81):
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thanks btw ;D...... Very glad someone like's my work.

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