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Ok many i've seen Dumb people Asking How to use Hack,Where's the Download,And many People Harrasement.....

HERE ARE THE RULES! (Now We are very Strict about these Rules!)


If you Harass Someone That will lead up to: (250 points taken)-2nd Time:[Bann'Perm']

If you Harass a Moderator You will Get Perm Banned.

Advertising/Sharecash Links Or Survey link's

WE WILL NOT ALLOW SURVEY link's: Survey Link:(Member Will Be banned For 1 month)

Now Advertising Other Websites IS NOT ALLOWED!! : (Member will be punished With no Activity's)
Example: Like no messaging/And Cant Post...


NOW I AM VERY STRICT ABOUT Complainer's: About saying the Hack work's And never tested it..

Now First off all NEVER USE A HACK that has no VirusScanner Or Wasn't Apptoved by a Special user
So dont go off saying virus Unless download and if it is Virus..

IF IT IS A VIRUS Here are the punishments: (PERM BANN) 2nd Time: (IP BANNing)

Now this is how you can tell the hack is safe (+Member's will modify the hack And check if it's ok)
1'S hack is Cleared and is clean the +Member's will say Approved..

This honestly goes with Admin's,Mods,Supporters

SPAMMERS!/Trading Scamms

SPAMMERS WILL BE PUNISHED if they keep on spamming: (3 Week Bann) 2nd time:(Perm Bann)

NOW TRADING SCAMM'S LEAD UP TO VERY harsh punishments:(Perm Ip Bann)

Hope you guy's get the Rule


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Here are the Consequiences!

1st Warning.Warning

2nd Warning.Take Away Points (30-50)

3rd Warning.BANNED (7 Days or Month)

Last Warning.BANNED (Year or PERM!)

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Level 2

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