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Credit: bhcoder from GK

i want to share with you this MutiMaple Opener is 100% sure no a/b, i
got this like 5 months ago and i have been using it with no problem.
is very easy to use it
with this simple steps ull be opening multiple maple windows.
You can inject bots on dif. windows but be sure to do it before hackshield
example: With Gamelauncher open the windows u want to run, then inject files on respective windows. Then run Maple.

1) Download files.
2) Copy Files on MapleStory Folder.
3) Run MapleStory as you do normaly, then run another and another and another...
4)Enjoy! and Happy Mapling!



And here Proof.
Yfrog Photo : yfrog.com/08proof1jj - Shared by kirobert
Yfrog Photo : yfrog.com/15proof2bj - Shared by kirobert

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