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An update of the DTrainer. Every hack in the hack section works right now.

[Update Log]
Update 1.5:
1.) Typical patch update.
2.) Fixed No KnockBack.

Update 1.4:
1.) Fixed HP/MP part
2.) Auto Potter works now.

Update 1.3:
1.) Fixed most of the pointers(except HP/MP)
2.) Fixed No breath(working now)
3.) Morph is working now as well (just insert the morph ID and jump)

1.) Fixed BGM
2.) Disabled hacks that are not working.
3.) Disabled Autopotter due to incorrect pointers of HP and MP.

Update 1.2:
1.) Fixed Tubi (Not crashing anymore)
2.) Take off Full God Mode and replace by morph Hack.
3.) Take off Instant Drop and replace by No Breath.
4.) Take off Sit Hack and replace by Force Mob Jump
5.) Fixed all botting features that are not working.

Update 1.1:
1.) Fixed Macros unable to delete.
2.) Add a pop up menu for the macro list.

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Level 0
its uber tubi too ??

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Giianma wrote:its uber tubi too ??

Seriously Stop The Spamm, Get on the hack and check...

Dang it Thats a warning!

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