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Level 6
Level 6
This merchant guide was improved greatly due to fellow members input. Thanks for all the suggestion, support, and comments!

I do ready this guide daily so please ask questions and add comments!

In this guide I will reveal my merchant secrets and tips.
This guide is ALWAYS growing. If you have a suggestion that you would like to add, just post it. I may add it and then credit you.
Remember comments and suggestions are ALWAYS appreciated.

General Info:
Remember all these tips and tricks work but only with patience and dedication. In order to merch you just need patience and some luck.

Merching is best done with Mush FM shops which cost nx cash. A FM shop can increase your merching profits by 30-75% (actual percentages may vary)
But most people will merchant without one. In this guide I will cover both methods.

*A great tip from Isilie of basil is that Real Merchants aren't scammers!*

Preparing to Merchant/Gaining Merching Money Methods:
In order to merchant, you probably need some starting funds. I would say at least 500k but about 1 mil is preferable. If you don't have enough to start, I'd say do some light Sakura training. Saks reap in about 500k per hour.

Skypie's suggestion:
You can do the orbis/ludi tower scroll quests and sell them for a fair amount apiece.

Maestar's suggestion:
You could use the costly gatching methods if you are too low leveled for any of the above options.

Some good money methods can be found on Isilie's basil market merchant guide.

Merchant Smarts (aka Da Rules):
1. Don't risk it if you can't afford to lose it unless you are 100% sure that it will sell.
This rule is especially important and can save you millions. There has been so many times that I have fallen for this rule. Many times you will be caught up in the "merching hype". The "Merching Hype" is usually characterized by a buying frenzy. The bottom line is just put some thought into each item you buy it.

2. Have Patience.
The key to Merchant is to have patience. If you don't have patience, you can consider your merchant career done for.

3. Always double check before pressing trade.
Now a days there are many many many scammers in the FM. So always be sure to check what you are trading/paying for.

4. Don't jump into the market if it isn't stable.
This is another very important rule because sometimes an unstable market can cause profits into losses. Also sometimes of the year prices tend to be more inflated then they could be. For example xmas time. If ever plan to jump into the market during these unstable times just be very cautious when investing/buying.

5. Remember FM Store/Basil/FM Entrance prices are all very different.
If you put them in order from greatest to least, they should go FM Store>FM Entrance>Basil. Sometimes you may forget this thing when you get into the Merching Flow.

Merchant Toolbox and Important skills

1. Basilmarket
Basilmarket(.)com is a great reference and marketplace for merchants. Anytime you are unsure whether something is a good deal or a rip just check basil. Basilmarket is probably one of the best places to sell your odd items. Sometimes when you have free time, you could go on basilmarket and memorize prices but most people don't that....but I do. But then again I'm weird. XD I also know many of you hate using basilmarket but it is a key and valuable tool for any merchant. Also sometimes fm prices aren't the same as basil prices. If basil doesn't have sufficient price information on certain items, try to do some fm window-shopping to get a feel for roughly how much the item should cost.

2. Haggling/Bargaining
There isn't much secret to the art of haggling. Using basil to assist you in price finding is a wise thing. Try to buy the item no more than average basil price. Don't forget to factor in the amount of slots the item has, attack power, and things of the sort when considering buying an item. The important thing is to remember to be polite and try to get the best deal possible. You may not be great at haggling in the very beginning but you get better over time. I guarantee it.

3. Buy low / Sell High
I know this is a basic concept but it is usually easier said than done. As long as you use basil as a guide, you'll be fine.


Before learning how to buy/sell efficiently you must first figure out how much an item is worth. I'll let Isilie from Basilmarket explain that to you. XD

How do you know what something is worth? (as told by Isilie of Basilmarket)

Merchanters must rely on experience more than anything else

If you are a merchanter then you'll simply deal with too many items to make a price check for each of them. How do you know if something is worth it? Experience.

This experience is rather tedious to gain. Here are a few times that will help you:

1. If you want to specialize in a certain class's equips, keep a notebook of the range of the MAIN stat. You don't have to list them all out at once, but rather in the beginning you'll be checking stats a lot, so every time you check, record it. Eventually you'll know it by heart. For example, I know off the top of my head that an average evil tale has something like 73 mattk, with 78 mattk being perfect base.

2. Make a list of scrolls you want to deal in. Go around FM and record the prices that these scrolls have sold for. This is the best way to get to know scroll prices fast.

3. While you are earning money from 50k to 10 mil, keep a look out for scrolled equips. These are determined by a main stat and an auxiliary stat and are often denoted as 12/104 or 104/12. The 12 is a base stat like dex, int, str, luk. The 104 is an auxiliary stat like M.ATK or ATK. Do not buy these until you have seen what they sell for first as what may seem cheap to an unexperienced eye might be even cheaper to everyone else.

Other general ways to get prices:
- Make friends who are merchanters.
- Check Basilmarket auctions
- Check Basilmarket pricelist (often inaccurate, so be careful)
- Ask other people with a price check thread: Make sure you state the item name, main/auxiliary stat, server and slots left.


There are many ways from here to make successfully make money. I will list the methods that I enjoy doing.

Buying Methods:

1. FM Entrance Buying
In the FM Entrance, there are many many people who sell random items. If you see anything you are interested in, don't be afraid to open up a trade window. Just use your haggling skills and basil for best results. Sometimes you can buy in bulk from people. Usually buying in bulk yields better prices.

2. Basil Shopping
Sometimes people place some good deals on basil. Many of these deals are great money making opportunities. Usually I just snipe (bid at the last second) on these items.

3. Investing
There are certain times during the year where specialty items become cheap like May for maple items. During these times you should stock up on above average clean specialty items so in 6 months you can make 300% or more profit.

4. FM scouting and shopping (MY personal favorite method)
There are many stores in the FM. Sometimes people put the wrong prices or forget to add an extra zero. I personally go around FM scouting and make money off of other people's mistakes. If you are patient, you can usually find at least one good deal a day.

FM scouting and shopping tips:
From previous experience, many of the best deals in the FM are in Channel 1 FM 5,6,11-24, Channel 2 FM 2-8, Channel 3 FM 1-2. (Note that these ideal channels are based solely on my merching experience in Windia. I can't guarantee that these are the ideal FM's in other servers.) Best times to get good deals are at 10 PM PST - 1AM PST. The reason for this is that many shops are open before people go to sleep which causes more chances of price errors. Other good times to buy items are before and after server checks/patches unless there is a major patch. Major patches may screw prices up. (ex: NLC patch = att work glove price drop = I lost 10 mil). Using this method I have been able to obtain a clean Magicodar staff for 1.2mil and a clean old white maple danna for 800k)

Other Various Buying Methods:
1. Scroll Merchant (I hate this method for various reasons because most scroll merchants are rude and you have to love ripping people off to do this.)
Usually scroll merchants are outside Party Quest waiting areas. The idea of a scroll merchant is to buy QUALITY scrolls at about 20% of their net worth. Many scroll merchants buy dex, int, str, and atk scrolls because they are most profitable. Many times def scrolls will be ignored.

Also when you are buying items......consider how long it will take to sell? Is it worth the amount of time? How much does tax cost for me?

Selling Methods:
After getting your hands on some fantastic deals and snags, why don't we learn how to sell these goodies for max profit.

1. FM Entrance (Possibly time consuming)
One common and popular way to sell your goods is to advertise (aka spamming) in Channel 1 FM entrance. There are many people who will be interested in your goods. Just remember start at a modest price and have a firm ground. Many times there will be Scroll merchants that will try to weasel the item away from you are a really good deal. Try not to sell it to these people. Usually when I sell using this method, I try to sell it 10-20% under FM price while trying to stay over Basil price.

2. Basil Selling (Not super time consuming)
Sometimes if I don't have the time to advertise in the FM, I will just post the item that I wish to sell on basil. Usually on basil I just post buy now auctions because it saves time. Sometimes losing the few k is worth saving a day of waiting.

3. Selling to Scroll Merchant (Instant return)
If you really need an instant return, you can always sell it to the notorious scroll merchants in the FM. It may be hard to get a good return but you are almost guaranteed a quick return.

4. FM Store Selling (best way to sell)
If you are lucky enough to obtain a FM store permit, you can just sell and sell and sell for 40% more than what you could sell using other methods. This works because FM prices are very very inflated. One rule of caution when using FM store. Always keep your FM store fully stocked. If stocking ahead of time helps, then stock ahead of time. Usually when I have a 7 day store, I stock about 5 days worth of items on my mules.

A selling tip taken from Isilie's guide
Take advantage of events that give items or that release new items. For the first few days, the new items will be very easy to obtain for cheap and sell for ridiculously high.

Using a combination of different buying and selling methods should allow you to be a successful merchant. After awhile you will be able to feel and predict the flow of the market and use that knowledge to your advantage. If you can predict if some kind of item will surge in price, you can make tons.

Last Words of Advice:
Sometimes being a Merchant can be a pain.........Sometimes being a Merchant is hard..........but it will rewarding at the end as long as you are patient.

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