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I take no credits for this release!

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.] Originally Posted by Danny1994
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Preview :

Download (v.3.1)!
Virustotal !

If you want to support my Trainer, you could donate, it will save future updates.

This trainer doesn't requires a Bypass !

Functions :
Unl. Attk. Buff - Attack and cast Buffs 239824390 times on the same spot.
SS Mouse Fly - Fly arround the map with the Mouse. (Hotkey : F12)
Super Tubi - Loot things much faster.
No Char KB - Your char won't get knockback'd anymore.
AutoPotter HP/MP - Self-explanatory
AutoLoot/Skill/Attack - It will Loot/Attack/Skill for you.
Kam - Kami, just without Looting. (Could Fake A[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
BG Color - Changes the BackGround Color of the form.
LB Color - Allows you to change the Text Color of almost everything.
Opacity - Allows you to change the opacity of the form.


  • 5.01.11 Danny Trainer [v.3.0], Almost a completly new Trainer. Kam is now also added.
  • 02.01.11 Danny Trainer [v.2.1.1], Fixxed UA Crash.
  • 01.01.11 Danny Trainer [v.2.1], New Design, SS Mouse Fly Hotkey is now on F12, AutoClicker Hotkey is on F11.
  • 26.12.10 Danny Trainer [v.2.0], Added No Char KB and customizable Hotkeys for Macro stuff.
  • 26.12.10 Danny Trainer [v.1.5], Form2 got deleted, added SS Mouse Fly hotkey (F1).
  • 25.12.10 Danny Trainer [v.1.1], Added AutoDC and customizable Macro stuff.
  • 22.12.10 Danny Trainer [v.1.0], Added AutoPotter and ingame info.
  • 21.12.10 Danny Trainer [Beta], first release.

Read this if you have problems with injecting !
Click Me for infomations !:

1. Uninstall every version of Visual C++ 2010/2008 Redistributable you have. (At least if you have one)
2. Uninstall Net. FrameWork 2/3/4.
3. Download and install Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package.
4. Install Net FrameWork 4.
5. After you're done with installing, you have to restart your PC.
6. After restarting you should be able to inject my trainer with GPMMMI Injector.

Thx to neufrin !

I would like to thank DarkSpace, i basicly copyed his GUI :3

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