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After creating maple bots (V1 & V2) for the public, I decided I would create a Maplestory trainer. This trainer contains all the features that were present in Maplebot V2 - but also a lot more stuff including Character Information, Packet Stuff, Auto Bots, and Hacks.

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Please note that in situations where there are buttons next to the textboxes (such as in Bots and Auto Bots) they are there to apply the new value which is in the textbox (so if you change the HP needed for the autopot you'll need to press the button to apply the changes). PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL DELAYS ARE IN MILLISECONDS.
Anything HP/MP related in the trainer (such as HP/MP information and AutoPot) will require that you put the HP and MP alert to 100% in System Settings.
Also note that AutoPot requires you to have your HP pots on the 8 key, and your MP pots on the 9 key.

Hack Info:
-Super Tubi - loots items fast!
-No KB - the player doesn't get a knockback when hit my monsters or obstacles!
-No Breath - No more waiting for your player to catch their breath!
-Full Godmode - You don't take damage!
-Blink Godmode - Like Full Godmode, but uses a different method (less likely to A/B you).
-Left pVac - Monsters will walk left
-Right pVac - Monsters will walk right
-Moon Jump - More of a fun one. Jump to the top of the map (vacs some monsters) - DCs quick.

I'm unsure how many (if any) of these hacks work without a bypass - I've been using them with the GK VIP Bypass (should work with Public bypass too) and they worked fine.

Please note some antiviruses may detect this as a Trojan - it isn't. Any detections are false-positives.


Credits go mainly to (Cryptiik).
Special thanks to: Francesco (for the offset scanner, pointer updater, and some help with concepts and a little code) and Waffle (for the packet sending code I used).



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