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Level 0
[SIZE="4"]Hello All Members
Here SlayerCo Server
The Offical Release

Server Name : SlayerCo
Client : 5095
Information About Server
1-Server Online Since 1-7-2010
2-Server Online 24/7 Always online Fixed Ping
3-Ninja Full Working
4-Full Dragon Soul System Like RealCo 99%
5-Max LvL200
6-Max rebirth 4 rb
7- +15 Max
8-Socketing And Compusing Gourds and Garments
9- Max Damage -8
10-Top Weekly Pk Champion [With Auto Invite ]
11-Class Pk War [With Auto Invite]
12-SuperGuild War Full Working !
13-Top Spouse [ With Auto Invite ]
14-Auto Patching
15-Rabbit War [ Disable FB and SS ]
16-Begin Game With +6 Stuff At As Start !
17-NPC Free Remover
18-DeathTeam Match
19-Hourly Pk
20-TeratoDragon War

Some Pictures Of Server

Client Download : Download [URL="[1001-1012].rar"]Here[/URL]

Website : Www.SlayerCo.Com

Download Page : http://www.slayerco.com/download.html
Register Page : Register [URL=""]Here [/URL]

Server Is Online Have Fun ! Smile


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