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BFH Moderator
BFH Moderator
Here is the VIP BFH Hack

Hack Features
Aimbot Predictions
Vehicle ESP
Current Player Location ESP
Name Tags
CurrentBehicle Health Bar
Current Vehicle Name Reading
Increment View Distance
Decrease View Distance
Athmospheric Removals (Sky, Objects, Hud,etc...)
and Much More

What has been added and what will be added?
Visible Checks to Player and Radar Function (has been added)
Predictions got fixed(has been added)
ResetHook(has been added [allows you to go fullscreen - windows mode without crashing]
Radar BG (has been added)

PB Check
Check against the latest PB signature (3/2/2011)

any question regurding usage PM me

Screen shots:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Purchase Method is PayPal

Battlefield Heroes Cheat

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Lmao you leeched this, And you dont even have bb code on...


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