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Head Administer
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Additionalic Trainer 1.0.dll


  • Long Blink Godmode
  • SS Mousefly
  • Monster Mind Control
  • No Combo Movement
  • Auto Attack
  • Auto Loot
  • Auto Pot
  • Auto CC (not working yet)
  • Timed CC (not working yet)
  • Disable Knockback
  • Kami Vac
  • Kami Loot (not working yet)
  • Auto Skill 1
  • Auto Skill 2
  • Auto Skill 3
  • Packet Sender (not working yet)


  • Auto HP: Home
  • Auto MP: End

Changes of autoban:

  • The hack is safe to use, and should not cause autoban.
  • The hack may disconnect you or cause fake autoban.
  • The hack may autoban.

If the trainer isn't popping up after injection, you're missing any files, fix that by download this pacakge: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] then try again.

Credits to gamekiller

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Level 0
Level 0
game crash after 10 sec

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yarinhrhi1 wrote:game crash after 10 sec

Did u inject a bypass?

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