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Head Administer
Updated to Version 96.

95.4.3 Update: Updated for 4th Mini-patch. Double click the Countdown at
the top to change the display to tell what time (i.e. 4:53 AM, etc)
you'll level or reach your goal. Double click again to change it back to

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

This requires a bypass

What it does:
*Exp per second
--Good for comparing training spots

*Average % per hour
--Semi-decent way to see where you'll be in an hour

*Starting and Current Level, %, and Exp

*Countdown until you level
--Just really awesome to know

*What time you'll level
--Double click the countdown to activate this mode

Download (96.3) :
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

How to use as a BT plugin:

  1. Put Time2lvl 95.2.2 (BT).dll in your BT plugins folder.
  2. Change both plugins.ini to false (one in the plugins folder and one in the main BT folder) RequiresSignedPlugins=false
  3. Start maple
  4. Only inject the hook AFTER you've logged into your character and BT has your HP/MP/EXP values


-Updated to ver 96


-Updated to for 4th minipatch

- Double click the countdown to tell exactly what time you'll level or you'll reach your goal.
o Example: Level 50, Goal level 60, Usually it'd say 5 hours or comething, but this time it uses system time. So its 3:30 PM, it'd say 8:30 PM.
o Can only double click Main GUI
o Tiny bug, if it says 12:XX PM, its actually 12:XX AM and vice versa
o Will not work for durations longer than 24 hours


- Added Goal Level
o The goal system assumes you keep your current Exp Per Second and it calculates how long it will take for you to get to a certain level (you decide).
o This is different from the % per hour display as it actually takes into account the next levels' required EXP to level.

- Bugs
o There was a GUI bug where it displayed two different times on the main GUI, I think I fixed it maybe not.
o Please report any bugs you find.


- Fixed the "Starting Level does not match current level" error
o Apparently, [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] is a lie


- Adopted MapleVer.Minipatch.Revision naming system

- Updated to V.95

- Added Start level (Stupid nexon made multiple levels require the same amount of Max Exp)
o Need to enter what level you started out at
-- Can remove this requirement if someone had a level hook

- Known Bugs/Things to do
o Suggestions?

- Image


- Updated V.89

- Fixed Bugs
o Timer will say "00:00:00" when stopped
o Cam's new and improved level hook makes it so your level is always accurate.


- Removed Real-time updates
o very CPU heavy
o caused GUI problems

- All bugs fixed:
o no more level flickering
o no more GUI problems
o lower CPU resources used
o no more D/C (tested for 4 and a half hours on one account and 2 and half on another account at the same time, still going strong)
o fixed the zero minutes bug when it showed "60"

- Known bugs/Things to do
o When you press stop the countdown just freezes, need to set it to 00:00:00
o I'll add more checks to see if the level isn't flickering to some random number like 5


-Updates in real-time
o whenever you get experience, it updates that exact moment (well at least as fast as a CPU can process)

- Re-did main GUI
o added Exp bar
o changed colors
o replaced Hooked: no/yes with new start button
o rearragned buttons
o changed colors

- Added "More Stats" form
o starting level, exp, %
o current level, exp, %
o % per hour
o exp Per second
o levels gained
o Total % gained
o total time
o countdown at top
o an exp bar will magically appear at the bottom when it gets your exp :O

- Fixed Hooking problems:
o now hooks at a different place then the public StatHook address

- Fixed the glitch after you level
o can now level as much as you want and it will stay constant

- Known bugs
o aspects of GUI are painted onto the top right corner for your monitor - minor bug
-- can someone help me with this? Razz
o current Level flickers between actual level and 0 - minor bug
o can be a little CPU intensive - medium bug
o cause D/C(?) - major bug
o every hour the minutes will say "60" instead of zero, this is fixed the next minute. For example 01:60:10 or 10:60:35 - minor bug

- Image

- Initial release

- Known bugs:
o Doesn't work after leveling - major bug
o Doesn't hook with other programs - medium bug
- Image
m1sniper for his StatHook

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