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[gMS V.96] Oppai Trainer (Updated 11/03) ~ Packet Sender, Flawless AutoCC & more

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--> Download <--

If the download says it's unavailable, keep refreshing the page!
I have included TheNullz bypass, so make sure you inject it before the
PE! If you use the injector I included it should do it automatically.


11/03/2011 - v96.0
- Updated to v96
- Made AutoCC flawless, it will keep trying to CC until you are in the target channel.

05/03/2011 - v95.3
- Fixed Packet Sending
- Fixed AutoCC Crash (Hopefully)

25/02/2011 - v95.2
- Updated to latest mini-patch

02/02/2011 - v95.1
- Updated to latest mini-patch
- Added packet sender with randomized bytes
- Added Freeze Mobs
- Added No Breath
- Added Auto CC
- Added "Loop Through Teleports"

21/01/2011 - v95.0
- Updated to GMS v95
- Replaced SS UA (which A/Bs) with Freeze UA. Freeze UA freezes the
attack counter to 0 via memedit and REQUIRES A BYPASS. I'm not sure
wether this method is safe.

21/12/2010 - v94.0
- Added Map Speed
- Updated to v94 & Undetected by the new v94 anti-pointer thing

20/12/2010 - v93.3:
- Added Move UA (XY Based) NOTE: Tick this when you're already in position. Retick if you change spot.
- Added Multi Platform Tele

18/12/2010 - v93.2:
- Fixed No KB that got messed up in v93.1

17/12/2010 - v93.1:
- Fixed AutoPot
- Reduced CPU Usage
- Added KB UA
- Added Save Current Position to Teleport Function
- Added Morph Godmode
- Added Macro System

This is just a little taste of what's in the VIP version of Oppai trainer ;D.

For whoever asked: yes, I'm OppaiBM from Arcania.

Note: Set your HP/MP alert to 100% from system options! The trainer will only display 95% of your HP/MP!
The AutoPot is >VALUE BASED< !

How To Use:
- Download
- Extract with WinRAR
- You will get 4 files. Make sure they stay in the same folder.
- Start MapleStory
- Start Oppai_QuickInjector (Run as admin if you're on Vista/Windows 7)
- Click OK on the window that pops up
- Enjoy!

[size=21][size=16]"I Can't Inject / It Crashes / It Says I'm Missing a DLL!":

Uninstall any version of VC++ 2010 Redist if you have already installed one.
Dowload and install VC++ 2010 Redist (IT MUST BE 2010) ---> Here

[size=21][size=16]"Even with the redist it still crashes / can't inject / gives some error!":

Uninstall any old version of .NET Framework.
Download and install .NET Framework 4.0 ---> Here

Hacks & Features:
- Hacks:

  • Long Blink Godmode - This makes you blink as long as it's active. Needs a bypass. Probabilly Autobans.
  • Tubi - Makes you loot super fast even if you lag
  • KB Unlimited Attack - Knocks you to reset Attack Counter. Not tested. Use at your own risk.
  • Freeze Unlimited Attack - Freezes the attack counter to 0. Needs testing. I'm not sure it's safe.
  • XY
    Based Move Unlimited Attack - 100% Safe Unlimited Attack. It will bring
    maplestory window to top when resetting the attack counter to move. It
    won't get away from the position you started at. NOTE: Tick this when you're already in position. Retick if you change spot.
  • Teleport
    To XY - Lets you save a list of coordinates. To teleport back to a
    saved position, select it by clicking it and click "Teleport to
    selected". Do not abuse. It will autoban if abused. You can also loop
    through all the saved teleports by setting a deay and ticking "loop
  • SS MouseFly - You can also trigger this by pressing F11. WARNING: Don't use for over 2-3 mins and relog after using.
  • No KB - Prevents you from being knocked when hit by monsters.
  • Morph
    Godmode - Type a number higher than 0 and tick it and start walking.
    You should morph into a mob/npc. The number 9 morph is confirmed to work
    as a full godmode.
  • Map Speed - Type a number between 0-255. Normal speed is 125. Will crash if abused.
  • Freeze Mobs
  • No Breath - Lets you CC while blinking. Disable this if you're using AutoCC.
- Botting

  • Auto HP - Put your HP Pots on Page UP, set the desired value and tick it.
  • Auto MP - Put your MP Pots on Page DOWN, set the desired value and tick it.
  • Auto Loot
  • Auto Attack
  • Auto Skill, DEL, END, INS - Put your skills on DEL/END/INS and set the delay (it's in milliseconds), then tick it.
  • Macro
    system - Click on the leftmost box under the key column and press the
    desired key. Type a delay on the middle box in milliseconds and type a
    name on the righmost box then click add. To start all the macros click
    "start macro".
  • Auto CC Timed & AutoCC People
- Hide Maplestory: It makes your maplestory window invisibile but keeps botting
- Inject DLL: Lets you inject other DLL's even if you're already in-game
- Kill MapleStory: Instantly closes MapleStory
- Offset Scanner: Put a base pointer and set the offset range you want
to scan. Once you have done the first scan you can scan for changed
values, unchanged values or re-scan for another value. This helped me
find offsets that I couldn't find with old AoB's.

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