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• A bypass is needed for this to work.
• Everytime you want to set a new position for MMC, press Reset before clicking on your new position.
• This trainer only contains non-autoban or very low chance of autoban hacks.
• AutoCC values must be a positive number, not 0.

Error Fixes
• If you're getting the "Missing MSVCR100.dll" please download and install this: Download details: Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86)
• Please make sure you have .NET Framework 4 installed as well. Download details: Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Web Installer)

• 96.1 (14th of March 2011)
[!] Released herpT.

• 96.2 (14th of March 2011)
[!] Fixed GUI.

• 96.3 (15th of March 2011)
[+] Added Flash Jump of Ground.
[+] Added Fall Through Floor.
[!] Removed automatic enabling of Tubi.
[!] Removed automatic enabling of No Knock Back.

• 96.4 (26th of March 2011)
[+] Added SP Control.
[+] Added Reveal Hidden Potential.
[+] Added Enhance Pet Equips.
[+] Added Portals pointer and offset.
[!] Fixed Tubi.
[!] Disabled Unlimited Attack.

• 96.5 (28th of March 2011)
[+] Added Unlimited Buff.
[+] Added Stop Aran Movement.
[+] Added Instant Drop.
[+] Added CSEAX UA.
[!] Fixed and perfected AutoCC.

Deposit Files

Virus Scan
VirusTotal - Free Online Virus, Malware and URL Scanner



Older Releases
96.1 - Deposit Files
96.2 - Deposit Files
96.3 - Deposit Files
96.4 - Deposit Files

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