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Since we decided to shut down Rose Reborn, I thought I'd share some of
the stuff I created. Here is the launcher I personally made, it
includes both versions. v1 is the first one we used, and v2 is the
second and the best by far.


- v1 Launcher VB Source Code
- v2 Launcher VB Source Code
- Launcher PSD
- Patch Notes PSD
- Patch Notes Files
- Fonts used in the PSD
- Extra Images
- Launcher Screenshots
- Server Status files
- News files

v2 Launcher Screenshot

v1 Launcher Screenshot

How to edit the launcher:

You have to edit the VB Source code, that is the ONLY way to edit the launcher. So download VB 2005.

Edit the server IP: Find "Shell("Trose.exe Trose.exe @TRIGGER_SOFT@ _server")" and change it to your IP.

Edit the news link: Click the news box, and edit the URL in the properties panel.

Edit the news files: Open the .asp files with notepad and edit the links and text.

Edit the server status links: Click the server status boxs, and edit the URL in the properties panel.

Edit the Update page: In Form3, click the news box and edit the URL in the properties panel.

Edit the Links on the bottom left: Click the link box and edit the URL in the properties panel. Also edit the HTML file provided.

Note: You will not
understand any of this if you no aboslutely nothing about VB. I don't
know much, but I know enough to work around the program. This may all
be confusing for you, but the pro's should understand.

The files in the folder "Files you need to upload to your site" are the news files, server status, navigation, etc.

Download Link: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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nice share sir

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