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Since it seems most people can't figure out how to use this... I may have to spoon feed you (pun intended)

If you can't see the values, watch it on expanded 480p.

1) The map used is for demo purposes only. It's probably a pretty bad
place to bot for real. Use what you saw and learn to apply it to other
2) This trainer does not have the completely working perm siege hack yet
(it sort of works), I'm using it from another trainer. It is currently
being implemented.
3) This trainer was meant to COMPLIMENT other available trainers, not REPLACE them (things that I personally needed to bot more efficiently)
4) The siege skill should be on your key. I will make this more customizable later

5) This is not a "1-click-nuke-everything-hack". If after the video and
the description below, you still don't understand what this trainer
does, this one is not for you.

How to use:
-Download spoon.dll
-Start MapleStory
-Inject spoon.dll with winject (best injector)
-Close winject

Possible problems:
1) Download and install VC++ 2010 Redist (IT MUST BE 2010)
2) Download and install .NET Framework 4.0

Read carefully... twice.

Auto Potter:
HP => Page Up
MP => Page down

Auto Attack => ctrl
Auto Loot => Num 0

The following has been designed for mech botting, but can be applied to other classes if you put your mind to it.

Perma Siege Bot:
Movement Type:
Upon channel change, the bot will pause all functions, will wait seconds after entering a channel (in case we are channel hopping) and then activate siege mode . Botting functions will resume after entering siege mode.

Set up the cooldown for siege mode in the field. Whatever your cool down is, add ~5 sec because of the time lost during channel changes.

I’ve designed 3 different botting methods that have covered every
situation I have ever needed. Be creative and you can use this on almost
any map.

  1. Patrol => walks back and
    forth between two coordinates provided in the movement model. Should be
    used with auto attack and

  1. Stationary => sits in 1 location, will detect CC and activate siege mode whenever entering a new channel

  1. Patrol-Pause => walks to one end defined by the movement model, aims towards the center of the 2 points and attacks. After N milliseconds, walks to the other end and continues. The delay at each end is defined by the bottom field in the movement model.

Multi-level Support:
Since I don’t have a kami script, this was my alternative. [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
If Drop is active, the char will jump down every seconds, up to a maximum of times.

ie) if there are 3 stacked platforms, starting at the top, it will bot for <24> seconds then drop to the next platform and repeat <2> times.

If the logic behind this is too confusing, I may make a video to showing this in action.

MMC => Mob Mind Control is self explanatory (passive vac to a point defined by )

Timed Full God mode => best and safest of the god modes currently available (never been banned with it) with a timer.

ie) if the timer is set to <60> seconds, you will be
invincible for 60 seconds, after that you’ll take 1 hit, god mode will
be reactivated and the timer will start again. Useful for “semi-legit”
playing with a low timer.

Bot Logging:
Let's face it, we all want to keep track of how well we are cheating.

This will output 2 .log files to c: \SPOON_complete.log and C:
\SPOON_session.log, with the %exp gained and the projected %exp/hr every
5 min timestamped. The complete log won’t ever be over written, the
session log will get replaced every time the trainer is launched.

These are hacks I’m playing/working on, they aren’t meant to be used. They may DC or A/B.

Settings are saved to c: \SPOON.ini when maplestory is exited, you can manually save them by pressing SAVE.

Update spawn control
Add auto CC (I can’t figure it out ha! Anyone want to lend me a hand here?)
Mob disarm
Add key choices for:
-Auto attack
-Auto loot
-Siege mode
Update a few pointers

Credits (alphabetically)

I believe those are the only scripts I have released in this trainer. If I missed someone, let me know and I’ll add you. Thanks.

DOWNLOAD v96.3.5

Virus scan: VirusTotal - Free Online Virus, Malware and URL Scanner

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