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JA Inc. Presents :
JA v1.0

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History of JA Inc.
JA Inc was established back in 2011 and was designed to give you top ja
hacks, to completely ja the competition. If you happen to have BR in
your IGN somewhere, this hack is definitely for you. If not, that's okay
as long as your jajajajaja. Crash and mmbob, the founders of JA Inc.
only wish to give you hacks that will stereotype the typical Brazilian
player / low ranked player. High ranks don't have enough ja in them.
Unlike other hacks, this hack has the word JA in it, which is actually
an acronym, the J in JA stands for JA and the A in JA stands for AJAJ.
Remember, if the hack doesn't ja it's not JA Inc.

Engine Chams - this will let you ja people thru ja
Aim Correction - bad aim ? this fix.
Pickup - this lets you ja stuff from far away lands (aka brazil)
Weapon Range - you can ja the fk out of people with this ja
Name ESP - names ja
Rank ESP - ranks ja
Distance ESP - this shows your ja in meters
Score ESP - you can teh see if the other ja's are ja'ing better than you
Box ESP - this ja's a ja around the ja's so you can easily ja the ja through the ja
Line ESP - if you don't know where the ja your ja is you can ja their direction by ja'ing this on
Enemy Only - YUNO want to ja your friends
¿Frequently JA'd Questions?

Q : wat the ja dis hax d/c me
A : get a fkin new injactor and retry make ja that it's close on injection

Q : menu is not ja'ing up when i press insert wtj
A : kkkk try injection again and if it still no werk get new injector such as bInject jajajaa

Q : WTF is WTJ
A : wat the ja

Q : Why choose JA Inc. ?
A : we ja.

Q : fk noob this hax no has featruse
A : kkkkkkk stfu we adding more kkkk noob

wtj yuno ja the thead

mods u want virsscans jajajajaj ? too bad kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

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Future Ja's :

  • Infinite stamina
  • ESP Weapon names
  • Rapid Fire 1 - 10
  • 3D boxes
  • Warning System
  • D3D Chams (maybe)
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