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Head Administer

Most non-working skills are fixed.
Stun (stun monsters and see them freeze for several seconds)
Poison (poison a player and see their HP go down every second)
Mute (Silence a player so he can't cast any skill)
Stealth (Watch your character blend with the environment)
Cloaking (Become virtually invisible and attack your enemies when they can't see you)
Valkyrie Charm (Feel the boost in each damage you make)
AOE skills with status effects (Combat Cry, Icy Hailstorm, etc.)

Bonfires, Salamander Flames, Mana Flames give HP/MP and dies after 2 minutes.

Player summons are stronger (firegon, elemental, terror knight, call hawk, etc.)

Watch prison mobs cast offensive skills on you! Smile

New maps, new monsters, perfect drops.

Zulie drops everywhere.

What's inside:



All .csv files


Source Code is not available.

Download links:

MIRROR 1: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] (Spam Free)

MIRROR 2: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Instructions (VERY IMPORTANT):

1. Unzip the file using winRAR.
2. Copy/paste everything inside BINARY folder to where you keep your server binary. It's ok to overwrite.
3. In your Navicat, delete your old list_npc, list_spawnareas, npc_data, and skills_data.
4. Execute the four .sql files to replace those you deleted.
5. Enjoy

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