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Habbo Coder/CA EU Moderator
Habbo Coder/CA EU Moderator
Hello all i am sell a phisher for 10$

if you are wondering what is a phisher : its a program that allow you to make a fake site or a fake program and when ppl put info on the program or site you will

you will get there info like say you have something like this:

you can get there user, pass, email, last name and email pass

well you would think that when people just put in random thing it will still work but no like say it for combatarms the username and password have to be real in combatarms or it wont work (a error will show up)

two other good features about this phisher is that you have to confirm it in your email and you can black people from using it any time you want to

And this is a good deal because people sell them for 20-40 dollars

so if you are interested add me on msn
PM me


Price: 10$ (ONLY)

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