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Level 1
Level 1
Hi guys
Today I will be posting Black Cipher 6. Only few sites have this hack and we will be one of them.
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[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
Credits for hacks:-


Use INSERT to minimize and maximize the Black Cipher Scrolling Menu.
Use UP and DOWN to switch between items.
Use LEFT AND RIGHT to switch between options.
Clock on right side of the title bar shows time based on the 24 hour clock.
There are 16 items shown on the menu out of the total 42.
Auto Aim

Aim Key
Options: Off, Auto, LClick, RClick, MidClick, Alt, Ctrl

Aim Bone
Options: Nuts, Chest, Neck, Head

Auto Fire
Options: Off/On

Auto Fire will not work for pistols or snipers.

Aim Angle
Options: 360, 180, 150, 120, 90, 60, 30, 10, 5

Each angle is in degrees. If you choose 360, you will aim at people who are behind you and will show lots of twitching. 180 will only aim at players on your screen. As the angles go down, the aimbot will appear more legit. Choose wisely.

Aim Thru
Options: Off/On

When this feature is on, the aimbot will aim for players without checking for visibility.

Ghost Aim
Options: 15, 12, 9, 6, 3

This feature is INDEPENDENT from aimbot options. You cannot change Ghost Aim settings using the above settings for aimbot. Unlike the aimbot, Ghost Aim will work on teammates, enemies, and NPCs. This feature uses custom aim angles, checks for visibility, and automatically scans for bones. You do not twitch when you use ghost aim. This hack is also known as the 'always hit' hack or the 'enlarged hit box' hack. You can see this hack in action in the Preview Video.


Name ESP
Options Off/On

Options: Off/On

Line ESP:
Options: Off/On

Health ESP:
Options: Off/On

This feature draws health bars above enemies. The bar changes color based on HP level.

Wireframe Chams:
Options: Off/On

This feature draws a skeleton of the enemy. If a joint of the skeleton is visible, the line that connects to that joint will be green. Otherwise it will be blue. You can see this hack in action in the Preview Video.

Explosive ESP:
Options: Off/On

This feature shows the name of the explosive in the world. This ESP picks up missles from launchers, mines turrets, and more.

Weapon ESP:
Options: Off/On

This feature shows the name of the weapon on the ground as a green square. This ESP also picks up Hi-Sec cases, Papa Boxes, and gold bars.

Options: Off/On

This feature draws a box around NPCs. This also works for NPcs in Hired Guns mode.

Console Commands

Sattellite Chams:
Options: Off/On

This hack turns on chams from the sattellite scanner. These chams are blue and work for enemies and teammates.

Far Pickup:
Options Off/On

This hack lets you pick up guns, hi-sec cases, papa boxes, and gold bars from far away as long as you are looking at the pickup.

No Smoke:
Options: Off/On

This hack makes smoke, flash, fire, and gas not show up on your screen. However, you will still be damaged by fire and gas.

No Fog:
Options: Off/On

This hack disables fog on the map.

Fly Mode:
Options: Off/On

This hack makes you fly up in the air when you hold the space bar and fall back down when you let go of the space bar.

Speed Boost:
Options: 1x-20x

This hack makes you move faster based on the speed you choose.

Jump Height: Options: 1x-20x

This hack makes you jump higher based on the height you choose.


No Recoil:
Options: Off/On

This hack stops the camera from shaking while you shoot. Also works while you are scoped in.

No Spead:
Options: Off/On

This hack makes all your bullets go in a perfectly straight line. This also works with no scopes on snipers. This hack also removes sway from all scopes.

Rapid Fire:
Options: Off/On

This hack makes your weapon shoot faster. Works with knife too. Warning: This hack has a high chance of disconnecting you from game. Disconnecting from the game due to rapid fire you will show a message dialog from Combat Arms saying "The connection to the server has ended".

Shoot Thru Walls:
Options: Off/On

This hack makes your bullets and your knife go through walls. This hack is also known as "Super Bullets". Will not work for explosive weapons.

Infinite Range:
Options: Off/On

This hack makes the extends the gun range. Useful for knife. Useful for sniping too.

D3D Crosshair:
Options: Off/On


Remote Kill:
Options: On, 90HP, 80HP, 70HP, 60HP, 50HP, 40HP,
Also known as Super OPK or Mega KIll. HP options allow you to remote kill enemies only to a certain HP level. Use "Aim Bone" to control which bone you want to aim at. Works in all game modes. Use NUTS or CHEST in FireTeam if you want more points or use HEAD if you want more kills or you want to finish it as quick as possible.

Rage Kill:
Options: On/Off

You turn this hack on in lobby. The hack will automatically start the game for you. In game, it will remote kill all enemy players, when every enemy is dead, it will exit to lobby and rage kill will be turned off. From there you can turn it on again to continue frustating players in game. This hack works well in elite mod rooms to the extend that the elite mod must kick you from lobby because they cannot kick you in game fast enough. Does not work in FireTeam.

Super Pickup:
Options: Off/On

This hack will teleport to anything you can pickup. This includes weapons on the ground, gold bars, Hi-Sec cases, papa boxes, bombs in search and destroy. When the hack is on, keep hitting E to pickup weapons. Once you can tell every gun is teleported to you just turn super pickup off and you will have a pool of weapons in front of you that teammates can use. You can use this hack in Hired Guns to pick up gold even before the vault opens.

Ghost Mode
Options: 1x-20x

This hack has 20 speeds. Ghost Mode moves your camera but keeps your player standing still. This hack uses the keys I J K L. moves you foreward. moves you left. moves you backwards. moves you right. Use this hack to plant the bomb in search and destroy, capture the point in search and seizure, open the vault in Hired Guns or mess around and plant mines in the enemy spawn. You cannot pickup the flag using ghost mode in CTF.

Options: 1x-20x

This hack has 20 speeds. You cannot go through walls with glitcher but you can move through open air with glitcher. See "Ghost Mode" for details on which keys to activate the hack. If you go too fast, you will fall. This hack may seem obsolete to "Fly Mode" but glitcher can keep you standing in mid air or can put you in better spots where it may appear that you are standing on a ledge, but you really are not.


Save Settings

Use this feature to save current menu settings. This feature may have problems with computers that do not have administrator rights.
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Level 1
LOL y6ou do have it but i cant post the download lik wait few more days Smile

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Level 0
hey win i use winject i keep getting a inject fail reason: 3 yes i do run it as a admin. and yes my antivirus is turned off. im running windows 7 prem. 64/32bit if u can help me and get this hack working please do it here is my team viewer stuff 796 897 671 5898

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Combat Arms Moderator
Combat Arms Moderator
you needa put a free dowlad link

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free dowlad link

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Angel025 wrote:free dowlad link
gotta go to the youtube link to download it morons

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lol! i can not the download Sad pls help!!

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