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Head Administer
Updated v.102 : Major Patch had to update my aobs, it should work dynamic until another major patch.

Hello Gamekiller members, This autopot its dynamic which means it will auto update every patch. its simple and neat. Enjoy It!!

I added two features Named "Sh4reCa$h and Adfly". Sh4reCa$h its a site
where if you download my txt file (which is virus free) i earn some
cents, and Adfly you just have to click it wait 5 seconds and it will
earn me some little amount of money. you are not forced in anyway to use
them, just do it if you feel my job deserves it or w/e you want.

extern note: This dosent mean im back into coding, i just made this
becouse i was bored and wanted to see if i could earn some cents. if i
comeback i will let you know.

Thank you all and GL.
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Download: Get Pot.dll on Wupload.com

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