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Head Administer
Head Administer
Click here to view the original image of 590x384px.

So as you can see it has a complete UI overhaul from the previous
version (1.4). It sports much more information in relatively the same
space, in compact efficient ways.

It now sports the MPGH.net Logo and top bar. Which i think suits nicely and keeps people from leeching it to other sites

Now let me go into the new features as there are many and i think you should know how to properly use each one of them.

1) The hotkey list.

Now this is pretty self explanatory. It shows what all the hotkeys for
every function are. Yes i know there are a lot of hotkeys, but trust me,
once you know them its super easy and you can navigate around the
entire macro from inside the game!

2) Macro Speed.

This one i revamped as i saw the need to have 3 places to set individual
values. Now let me explain the values so people do not get confused.
The boxes on the left hand side are in milliseconds (1000ms per second),
while the boxes on the right are the conversion to seconds. Anyway
there are 3 boxes, each one can be called seperately with each of their
corresponding hokeys, f4, f5, f6

3) Mouse Movement

This feature is especially handy to get rid of that little bit of recoil
left by the macro auto clicking. If you set the y position to negative
it will decrease everytime you click by that value in pixels. For
example if i say -80 (/52 < this value makes it a double, or
basically a decimal as it only can use decimals as the value) is like
-1.7 pixels roughly that it moves down every left mouse click. I suggest
like -70 to -80 for para and -30 to -40 for low recoil guns. Now that
is entirely up to you to play with and set it how you like it.

4) Last but not least the new Beta feature, Sniper quickswitching.

This feature, as i understand, was very much wanted by the majority of
people that voted. I did fulfill my promise and it is a fully features
Quickswitcher that works with EVERY sniper. I like to call it an
advanced Sniper Quickswitcher because if you switch to you secondary via
the 2 button it will turn off the quickswitch allowing you full reign
to pistol the hell out of your enemies. The same goes for if you switch
to 3, 4, or 5. The grenade is bugged as when you throw it, it switches
back to your main automatically so it doesn't initiate the start of the
function that controls the quickswitching. Now i didn't stop there. I
added a feature which i hope a few people will enjoy, which is the scope
back in feature. Now what this does is instead of just Qsing
(quickswitching) it Qses then waits the amount of seconds you define (AS
A DECIMAL!!) in the box below before right clicking, thus giving you a
scope back in after you Qs.

This feature is in beta because there are still many bugs that need to
be fixed, such as it randomly turning off, not Qsing for no reason at
all, not Qsing if running then hit the shift key and left click at the
same time, same goes fot ctrl + LMB. I will fix these shortly, but the
function still works mostly. I wanted to release it as people im sure
are dying to get in and tinker to make their macro perfect for them!


[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

So hopefully you have read all of that wonderful wall of text and are ready to download! The link is below!!

Tell me if it works or not!

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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Level 0
Level 0
it works for windows xp? 32 bit?

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Level 0
Level 0
cant get it working, can u give like a tutorial how to do it?
i put the c/s to 22,press save and put, then Y cordinates to -70 for para, pressed save, when i started AVA i pressed f4
in game it didnt work, didnt do anything

on my desktop when i held the left click my mouse moved a little bit right.
in game - nothing.
i have windows vista, 32 bit i think, and i am administrator

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Level 0
seems to work accualy, doesnt fix my recoil Very Happy ill test and let u know.

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Level 0
okay it doesnt work IN game, but it works. how i fix it so it could work ingame?

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