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Project: [NoVo]


-Some aobs use a '?' per byte while other aobs use '??' per byte. NoVo
assume each '?' = 1 byte therefore you need to use only one ? per byte

-It does not support trailing or leading wildcards for example: "? ? ? E9 ? ? 7B ? 8B 6C FF" or "89 ? 7B CC CC ? ?". This isn't a huge issue since leading or trail wildcards are useless

This bug has been fixed
[size=9]Retrieve value issue: It has to do with getting values. For example if a instruction is: mov [esi+030C],eax
When it tried to retrieve the "030C", the 030C in bytes will be 0C 03.
So what it will do is it will take 03 (which is a number), and change it
to a string, however 03 will become 3 (since the leading 0 is auto
removed) and then it will change 0c into a string but 0c will be treated
like c. Then it will concat 3 and c and you end up with 3C which is is

Hello everyone again. This post is regarding the open source project I am releasing. NoVo.

NoVo is the project name of a pointer updater, but at the same time it's something more.

though a few patches from maplestory I've come to feel the burden of
coding hacks. The updates. NoVo is a solution to that, however that's
not the reason why it's open source nor the reason why is has such
little GUI. The reason is The Challenge I'd like to propose.

challenge is to every trainer coder out there. Not just GK. The
challenge is to create a truly dynamic program. One that can handle
patches to maplestory on it's own. One that might never need updating
and can adapt.

I myself will be participating in this challenge and my hope is that
this release will trigger a change for hackers and coders to improve the
standard of the typical trainer.

Best of luck to those who will participate.

How to Use NoVo:
NoVo was made for coders only and I wasted no time making a GUI for the
average user to use. Therefore the only way to use it is to change the
code for it. The project is offered in VS 2008 for compatibility with VS
2008 and 2010. To generally use it you'll find the code in NoVo.cpp. To
use the actual code to find pointers though. That code is in

Everything else I'll leave you to figure out.

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