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Head Administer
Head Administer
Last update: 22/02/12
Works with the latest patch: OK
Dont use it with bypass !!


Extract it ( not in the S4League directory ).
Run CytriikTrainer.exe ( as administrator if you're using Vista or 7 ).

How to:
- Be sure you have only one character, if not, delete all others.
- At server selection, press F11 to show up the GUI.
- Tick all items you want :
• You want the Taser Sword : You need a Plasma Sword +1, tick "TS".
• You want the AYA! Rifle : You need a Semi Rifle +1, tick "SR".
• Press Help for more informations about what checkbox to tick, and what costume you have to buy.
- Warning: You can only make 2 hacked weapons, you have to keep one of them "real".
- Enter the server, join a channel, open your inventory, right now, equip a costume, then unequip it.
- Now, unequip ALL items, only equip the "real" weapon and the skill of your choice.
- Click "Dummy".
- Now equip all items you want, but you have to keep the skill and the "real" weapon.
- Click "Freeze", and unequip ALL items, except the "real" weapon and the skill.
- That's done, you can go in any room !
- When the match is finished, you can notice that all items are gone:
• If you leave the room, they will return.
• If you would like to stay in the room, open the inventory, press "Reset" and "Yes" from the GUI, while "Go in a room !" appears, return to the room !
- Warning: If you don't follow the tutorial, people will be freezed after a few minutes!!

Video Tutorial:

- To save a profile, type in the box the name of your choice ( ex : "profile1" ) and click "Save" when there's "Reset".
- To load a profile, type in the box the name of the saved profile ( ex : "profile1" ) and click "Load" when there's "Dummy".

Redistribuable Microsoft Visual C++ 2010

Download: Here! (V1.5.3)
CytriikTrainer.zip - Mediafire
CytriikTrainer.zip - Localhostr

Virus scan:
CytriikTrainer.zip - Jotti's malware scan

18/02/12 : First Release.
20/02/12 : General improvment, should work on XP and Vista.
21/02/12 : New ForcePack Bat added, profile system improved and better "Loading .." speed.
22/02/12 : Works with the last patch !

I would appreciate if users could check if it works on all OS, thanks you !
If you have any idea on how to improve the software, please tell me !!

Note: Please guys, use easy english (or french) if you want to ask me something.

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the new upate plz

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ho download

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