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[Dx5] Maple Legit Bot v1.0
Status: Undetected

Recent New's & Information :
3/1 - Welcome
to the first release of my 'MapleStory Legit Bot". This is my first
project I ever created for MapleStory, so It's going to be very buggy
and may not work correctly for many. I'll try to update the bot as much
as possible but there are no guarantees. I may also drop the project if
it doesn't work out. I also only tested the bot for 2hrs without ban or
d/c. MapleStory has to be in focus for the bot to work.

- Also recommended only to bot with monsters that you can kill within
1-3 hits, one other thing is to make sure you use an attack that hits
more then one mob.

Features :

- Auto Pot : ( Hp, Mp )
- Timed Skill : ( Two available slots )
- Auto Attack : ( Walks to closest mob & attacks, Attack Range )
- Auto Loot
- Set Platform : ( Only attacks mobs in the same platform as player )
- Teleport : ( Player teleports to mob whenever, mobs are less then selected )

Set HP/MP Alert to this:
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Video :

Virus Scan's ".exe" :

1. VirusTotal : 98% clean. (Results: 1/43)
2. VirusScan : 98% clean. (Results: 1/20)

Virus Scan's ".dll" :
1. VirusTotal : 100% clean. (Results: 0/43)
2. VirusScan : 100% clean. (Results: 0/20)

Instruction's :
1. Start "[Dx5] Maple Legit Bot"
2. Click "Start Bot" button
3. Start MapleStory (at this point the bot should be visible)
4. Login into your account
5. Find a map you want to bot in.
6. Adjust your settings and check "Attack" on the bot.
7. Go back to maplestory. (It should show "Active" on the bot)
8. Remember... MapleStory has to be on focus, enjoy botting!!

Requirement's :
- Must have Microsoft .NET Framework 4 installed. Download

Special Thanks:
- Will *Some Pointer
- Rumias *Helped with teleport function

- DethBlaze *Creator

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where is the new version of this hack

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