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Level 6
Level 6
We are a bunch of keen maplers, we are experienced and willing to share our time and skills with you. Using legit methods, we can guarantee excellent power leveling services that we can guarantee that won’t get you banned. We have a range of cheap packages you can choose from depending on your budget, whether it be getting to 30, 50, 70 or even the prestigious 120 . Whatever it may be, you can trust Easy Mapler to get the job done.

We are fresh and new on the market, because we are so new we are offering 50% discount on all our services until the 2013. We are challenging other power leveling companies to beat us, as most companies use hacks that can potentially get your account banned. We dont want you to risk this, so we use our highly trained team of maplers to work in shifts to get the job done.

Note- Most companies will take significantly longer then us, as we are leveling without bots.

For example rival companies do level 1-30 takes 7 hours

We can finish this task from the moment we start leveling in an hour, but because we have many orders coming in you will be put into the waiting list and start leveling you A.S.A.P(money must be paid first and through paypal)*

*-full terms and conditions will be located on the t&c page

Our packages are as follow:

1-30: $6

1-70: $20

1-120: $50

All orders before October 29th will be able to receive 50%

Why Us

‘The best worker is a lazy worker’, you may know that at level 120 and higher maple life becomes significantly more fun, hunting bosses, doing legendary party quests. So why stress yourself those 100 or so levels when your grinding on mushrooms? After 120 your maple life will be more productive, you have a high level account that you can use to level up new accounts you create. You can benefit a lot from a high level main.

So why should you choose us and not some other website?

Though we are relatively new on the market we haven’t much vouches yet, though you will still find some on our forums and testimonials. We try balance this out by providing the further 50% coupons above.

Basically this is a list of why you should choose us.

one by a relatively big team of maplers, you won’t have the chance of being banned
24/7 we have workers many times zones, working in shifts to get the job done
Friendly Support, send us an email for a price quote or if you have any questions to ask, forum is a great place to get help
100% legit, zero hacks involved, completely d
Cheapest on the market, if you can find any power leveling service cheaper then us, we won’t just match it, we’ll beat it.
100% refund policy, unhappy with your purchase? As long as we haven’t started your leveling yet you can demand an instant refund, though if we have started leveling we will charge you for the amount of levels we have got up and then refund the rest.

Ordering Sheet:
Character Job:
Desired Level:<x - y>

PM this, or post it in the comment section, for a fast reply.

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