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Head Administer
Head Administer
Current Version : v.05


Status : Undetected

If you have any of these OS's, and it works, then please notify me and I will update it.

Windows XP 32 Bit - Working
Windows Vista 32 Bit -Working
Windows 7 32 Bit - Working. Tested by me

Windows XP 64 Bit - Not Working
Windows Vista 64 Bit - Not Working
Windows 7 64 Bit - Not Working



More hacks will be added as I update it.
Chams - See people through walls
Tracers - See where the bullets went, and came from.
Crosshair - Puts a crosshair right in the middle of your screen.
No Recoil - Gun doesn't have any recoil.
FPS - Shows your FPS ( Frames Per Second )
Activation Distance - You can pick up guns, defuse bombs, etc from a far distance.
Hide Gun - Hides your gun
Esp Box - Puts boxes around people
No Fog - No Fog
No Spread - Your bullets go straight
Speed Hack - Go super fast
Fly Hack - You fly
Weapon Range - Pick up weapons from a far range.

Change Log


Code: Release! v.02

Code: Added Hide Gun, Esp Box, No Fog, No Spread, and Speed Hack.

Code: Fixed D/C Issue. Added Fly hack. v.04

Code: Added Weapon Range. Added Title.


Code: Fixed bugs

Known Issues :

Code: None! Troubleshooting :
If you get any of these errors, here is how to fix them

Missing DLL File

Code: Search it up on Google, and download it. Then put it in your combat arms folder, and System32
System32 is found in {YourDrive}:\Windows\System32 [b]--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Download :
After 5 seconds, hit skip on the top right. Do not click on any ads.
Virus Scans :
If you anti-virus picks it up as a virus, it is a false positive since it's packed.
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Controls -
Insert - Opens/Closes Menu
Up Arrow Key - Goes up the menu
Down Arrow Key - Goes down the menu
Right Arrow Key - Turns hack on
Left Arrow Key - Turns hack off
Credits -
Soul - Showed me what to do, made base, did mostly everything.
Aeir - Helped me also.
Me - Did the hack part.
TeeHee15 - Helping me add the title, get familiar with Memory Hacks
Unnameable People Due To Advertisement - PTC's and Memory Values

[b]Make sure you thank my post! And remember, donating some beli never hurts!
Donate to me to help continue the development of this hack, and the support of this hack for GK!

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