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Head Administer
Head Administer

ZenthosDev Version 2.1.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.][You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
experiencing minor bugs, this prototype was released for developers who
are willing to help me finish this project. (don't open a server with
this version!)


----------------------------------------------------------------------- Notes -----------------------------------------------------------------------
If you happened to have fixed something that I haven't yet make my life easy and post it here, thank you.

------------------------------------------------------------------- Commands -------------------------------------------------------------------


-[Many commands.
-[No rollbacks.
-[Server.properties file.
-[Stable, secure and reliable.

-[Add v97 shops and drops.
-[Add isBusy function.
-[Add new squad system.
-[Decrease database usage.
-[Decrease pets resource usage.
-[Improve auto-ban system.
-[Improve MapleItemInformationProvider cache.
-[New and improved PvP.
-[New wishlist functions.
-[NPC's rebuilt.
-[Remove RMI's.
-[Initiate server variables at start.

Known Bugs
-[Auto register not counting per MAC.
-[Code most of the channel handlers.
-[Fix coupon codes.
-[Fix all skills.


[SQL clean up] : This means the SQL was cleared from anything that was not needed.
[Source clean up] : This means that many pages from the source where coded better or many functions removed.
[Minor Source clean up] : This means that a few functions where removed.
[Updated] (Info) : A big update (Usually related to the version) was done.
[Personalized] (Info) : The source was made more unique.
[Changed] (Info) : Something that was changed and needed to be pointed out.
[Added] (Info) : New functions added to the source.
[Removed] (Info) : The deletion of useless or non-important functions.
[Fixed] (Info) : When any reported bug or problem was fixed.
[Improved] (Info) : An improvement that impacts the performance of this source.

(Version 1.0)
Clean XiuzSource v62 3.4.

(Version 1.1)
[SQL clean up].
[Source clean up].
[Updated] XiuzSource v62 3.4 to v75.
[Personalized] The source to 'ZenthosDev' name.
[Changed] .bat files display.
[Changed] world.properties to server.properties.
[Changed] The database.
[Added] New jobs.
[Added] New v75 packets.
[Added] New options in server.properties.
[Removed] Other .properties files.
[Removed] AfkTime system.
[Removed] Donator system.
[Removed] Command logs.
[Improved] The way and times files are read.

(Version 1.2)
[Source clean up].
[Added] Cygnus skills.
[Added] Cygnus skills for maxing.
[Added] Complete character deletion.
[Added] DB user name and password to server.pro.
[Removed] Most of the pin system.
[Removed] Old command system.
[Removed] Error logging.
[Fixed] Players information request.
[Fixed] PvP monsters can die.
[Fixed] 2 unclosed connections.
[Fixed] Rankings.

(Version 1.3)
[Changed] Commands can be in any case.
[Added] Player medals.
[Added] Partially ItemEXP system.
[Added] Reborn for Cygnus.
[Added] New v75 NX items.
[Added] Functions for alliance.
[Added] Custom Anti-Cheat system.
[Removed] Useless functions.
[Removed] CheatTracker system.
[Removed] CheatTracker logging.
[Improved] CashShop.

(Version 1.4)
[Minor Source clean up].
[Changed] Updated inventory SQL.
[Changed] Using equipment constants.
[Added] Client GM.

(Version 1.5)
[Source clean up].
[Updated] ZenthosDev v75 1.4 to v83 1.5.
[Changed] Some of the packets.
[Changed] Most of the files.
[Changed] Ranks to work for Arans.
[Added] New jobs.
[Added] New v83 packets.
[Added] PIC system.
[Added] Buddy list groups.
[Added] MonsterBook.
[Added] Anti-PE for chat.
[Added] Anti-PE for guild.
[Added] Server recommendation text to server.pro.
[Added] Server recommendation world to server.pro.
[Removed] PublicChatHandler.
[Removed] Useless functions.
[Removed] Useless files.
[Removed] Send and Receive Ops.properties.
[Removed] Guests feature.
[Removed] The pin system.
[Fixed] Multi-Worlds bug.
[Improved] Organized the source.
[Improved] Command system.
[Improved] GeneralChat.

(Version 1.6)
[Minor Source clean up].
[Changed] A few things from the SQL.
[Changed] Some of the packets.
[Changed] Some of the functions.
[Changed] Some opCodes.
[Added] CharSelectedHandler.
[Added] RegisterPicHandler.
[Removed] CreateCygnusHandler.
[Removed] LoginRequiringNoOpHandler.
[Fixed] Equipment disappearing.
[Improved] Auto-Register.
[Improved] CommandProcessor.

(Version 1.7)
[Minor Source clean up].
[Changed] Auto-Register limit check from IP to MAC.
[Changed] 3 Accounts limit auto-register per MAC.
[Added] Some Aran skills.
[Fixed] Aran leveling up system.
[Fixed] Starting map.
[Fixed] NPC D/C.
[Improved] Login system.
[Improved] Auto-Register.

(Version 1.Cool
[SQL clean up].
[Added] Aran to the reborn system.
[Added] ServerConfig file.
[Added] MapleWZProvider file.
[Removed] Usage of the SQL for channels key.
[Removed] Usage of the SQL for channel config.
[Removed] Usage of the SQL for the login server.
[Fixed] Distribution of AP.
[Fixed] Heal HP/MP overtime.
[Improved] The times and cache of the .wz files.
[Improved] retrieveDropChances function.
[Improved] ServerProperties function.

(Version 1.9)
[SQL clean up].
[Minor Source clean up].
[Updated] ZenthosDev v83 1.8 to v97 1.9.
[Changed] Some of the packets.
[Changed] Ranks to work with new jobs.
[Changed] BuyCSItemHandler.java to CSOperationHandler.java.
[Changed] RecvPacketOpcode.java to RecvOpcode.java.
[Changed] SendPacketOpcode.java to SendOpcode.java.
[Added] New jobs.
[Added] New v97 packets.
[Added] Disconnect idle clients.
[Added] MapleDragon file.
[Added] ExtendedSPTable file.
[Added] MaplePlayerArchive file.
[Added] SetGenderHandler file.
[Added] SkillsConstants file.
[Added] Server welcome message to server.properties.
[Added] Server debug to server.properties.
[Removed] Clans feature.
[Removed] ClanHolder file.
[Removed] Useless functions.
[Fixed] The spam of getPossibleLogins.
[Fixed] Characters creation.
[Improved] Server login process.
[Improved] Unique new way of saving/loading characters (1/2).

(Version 2.0)
[Changed] ChangeEquipSpecialAwesome.java to ChangeEquip.java.
[Changed] Experience tables.
[Added] !CreateAccount command.
[Added] IMaplePlayerArchive file.
[Added] FlashJumpMovement file.
[Removed] FakeCharacter functions.
[Removed] FakeCharacter file.
[Removed] IPlayerStorage file.
[Removed] PlayerStorage file.
[Fixed] Partially the CashShop.
[Fixed] Citizen character creation.
[Fixed] Disconnect after being idle in-game.
[Fixed] Experience breaking the Experience bar.
[Fixed] Items fading on and off while walking.
[Fixed] Item pick-up.
[Fixed] Character movement problems.
[Fixed] Remove chairs upon death.
[Fixed] Register PIC.
[Fixed] Server message is now functional.
[Fixed] Wrong PIC message.
[Improved] Multi-level-ups system.

Originally Posted by (Version 2.1)
[Added] ShopDiscount percentage to server.properties.
[Fixed] Changing channels.
[Fixed] MapleShops.
[Improved] Unique new way of saving/loading characters (2/2).
Download Link: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
This source was based from XiuzSource v62 3.4.

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