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Head Administer
Welcome to ZT 2.1 for GMS v117.2!

I'm finally done with my 100% bypassless trainer. None of the hacks on
the inside of the trainer does require a bypass. I've worked for 8 hours
now. I started 2 PM on it, and right now, time is 10:22 PM where I
live. Hope you all enjoy it.

If you have any questions, or have encountered any unknown bug, just post below or drop me a private message.

This trainer is 100% BYPASSLESS!


Click here to view the original image of 538x418px.
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

(This image is outdated, but it still looks the same)

Available Functions:

  • Auto Attack
  • Auto Loot
  • Auto HP
  • Auto MP
  • Auto CC (Time-Based)
  • Kami Vacuum
  • Full Map Attack
  • Morph Godmode
  • Unlimited Attack
  • No Breath
  • Super Tubi
  • Packet Sender
  • Packet Spammer
  • Custom Teleport
  • Player Teleport
  • Pointers

Download: ZT-2.1.dll - Localhostr
Antivirus Report: Antivirus scan for ZT-2.1.dll - VirusTotal

SHA 256:

Code: 5E3FF8F9DCDD3D9C466B0C681BAB290C841307FCF8C10E256E5B748FC89B3B96 Change Log:

MapleStory v117.2 - Trainer v2.1 (16th of September)
[+] Added Full Map Attack
[!] Small GUI changes

MapleStory v117.2 - Trainer v2.0 (14th of September)
[!] Updated to v117.2
[!] Fixed Player Teleport

MapleStory v116.1 - Trainer v1.2 (30th of August)
[+] Added Player Teleport to Tools
[+] Added Mob Coords to Pointers
[+] Added Mouse Coords to Pointers
[+] Added Attacks to Pointers
[!] Re-made GUI
[!] Fixed a bug

MapleStory v116.1 - Trainer v1.1 (28th of August)
[+] Added Char Coords to Pointers
[!] Fixed disabling of Morph Godmode
[!] Cleaned up the GUI a bit

MapleStory v116.1 - Trainer v1.0 (26th of August)
[!] Release Date
[!] Created GUI/Design
[+] Added Functions
[+] Added Pointers

Known bugs:

  • Save and Load doesn't work.
  • Custom Teleport is fucked.
  • Full Map Attack can't be disabled; unless restarting the game.


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