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Video courtesy of @empir3 !
Watch the video in HD Fullscreen (780p or 1080p)!


Download the files >>HERE<< and drag them all into your Maplestory folder.
Download .NET Framework 4 if those files didn't fix it.

Also make sure you have downloaded "Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable" .
If none of those options work, downloading "Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express" will.

(if you follow the above video correctly, you should not be getting a 10 minute a/b)
1. Download Injector Gadget HERE
2. Open Injector Gadget (but don't inject HypnoBot yet)
3. Start MS and login to your character. Choose Character, enter PIC, and click Ok.
4. Once in-game wait 1-2 minutes then open Injector Gadget and click MapleStory.exe on the LEFT side.
5. Click browse and browse to the HypnoBot DLL, select it, and click inject.

Make sure that you have the "dll_helper.dll" that came with Injector Gadget in the same folder as InjectorGadget.exe
Also make sure that "Cloak DLL" IS NOT checked.
If following those instructions didn't work, watch the video!

(If you have an earlier version, redownload)

Code: - Kami and Kami Loot DCing with settings that worked for you before should be fixed.

- Kami Loot and Kami Loot without Kami should not go faster than the set delays anymore.

- Kami Loot without Kami is now it's own checkbox

- AutoSkills can now be enabled and disabled without worrying about them screwing up.
(Auto CC and Auto CS will still mess up if you untick and retick them too fast)

- Hopefully made the bot more stable.

- I like potatoes

If you find any bugs, please report them.

Previous Updates:

Code: 9/15/12 5:45AM EST
- Kami will now disable when auto ccing/csing and reenable 5 seconds after. This should help with the autobans hopefully.- Fixed Kami loot teleporting all over the place (a screwup in the last update)- Fixed Kami going way faster than the set delay? (hopefully. let me know)- Fixed NoBreath. Will only write to the pointer when actually breating now.- No more popup when injecting if you are injecting correctly. You will still get a popup when injecting incorrectly.

9/14/12 3:35AM EST

- When you untick kami loot it will now stop even if it's already looting
- Packet Spamming now enabled (I put this off for quite a while)
- Many more things added to the pointer info
- The Meso and AP buttons in the Packet Sender now paste the packet in the Packet Sending
textbox so that you may easily spam them without getting carpal tunnel.- When trying to send an incorrect packet you will now get an error message.- If you have Teleport to Original X,Y enabled, after an AutoCC, Auto CS it will now wait 5
seconds instead of 3 seconds before teleporting.

9/13/12 2:15PM EST

- Updated for GMS v117.2
- Added hacks that require bypass.

9/10/12 9:50PM EST

- Added Morph Hack Thanks to @Zawao (ID 9 will give you godmode)
- You can now decide whether or not to use Kami wallcheck (recommended you do)
- Auto CS will stay in the cash shop for 15 seconds now due to 10 seconds not being enough.

9/8/12 8:30PM EST

- You can now choose whether or not to teleport to a specific location after an Auto CC, Auto CS, People CC, or after Kami Looting without Kami enabled. This should also help with the teleporting to random locations.
- Added a Timed Exit window in the "Tools" menu where you can choose whether or not to exit maplestory after a certain amount of time.
- Kami will now teleport back to the spot where it was turned on after it's been turned off.

9/7/12 5:20PM EST

- Added 4 buttons in the Packet Sender window. (Inventory Drop)

- You can now Enable and Disable hotkeys through the Tools menu.

- The list of hotkeys is located in Help > Hotkey Info

9/6/12 2:55AM EST

- Added 8 buttons in the Packet Sender window. (Meso Drop & AP Distribute)
- AutoSkills will wait 3 seconds before reenabling autoattack so they should use macros correctly.

9/5/5:45 AM EST
- Updated for GMS v117
- Added menu bar which now contains Save, Load, Exit MS, Hide/Show MS, Packet Sender, Pointer Info, and a link to the main bot thread.
- Added some labels for delay boxes in Autos Tab.

9/3/12 3:00AM EST

- Added Hotkeys (F1 - F4) More info in the Bot's "Info" tab.
- Arans should be able to combo now using auto attack. Not sure since I haven't actually tested it :X
- As usual, no more 10 minute autoban until Nexon "patches" it.

8/29/12 2:15AM EST

- You can now save and load settings! The Save feature saves Keys, Text, and CheckBoxes in the "Hacks" tab
- Teleporting back to your original spot using Kami Loot increased to 3 seconds (and tries teleporting twice)
- AutoHP, AutoMP, Kami X, and Kami Y will no longer slap you with errors if you mistype
- Kami Loot now uses Numpad 0 instead of Z to loot items
- Added more keys for AutoHP and MP
- Kami and Auto Attack stop when Loot Before CC is active
- AutoAtk now stops when Kami Looting again (I like breaking things without realizing it)
- No more 10 minute autoban until Nexon decides to patch it again.

8/26/12 9:10PM EST

- After an Auto CC it will wait a bit longer before trying to teleport back to your original spot.
- Auto Attack should disable when no mobs are on the map
- Kami Loot without Kami should wait longer before trying to teleport back to your original spot.
(This should help with it teleporting back to a random spot ... hopefully.)
- Added an Info Tab that shows latest updates.
- No more 10 minute autoban until Nexon decides to patch it again.

8/24/12 9:30PM EST

- Fixed Loot Before CC spazzing out when Kami is enabled.
- No more 10 minute autoban until Nexon decides to patch it again.

8/23/12 2:55PM EST

- Fixed 10 minute autoban
- Auto Attack will stop when looting using Kami Loot
- After an AutoCC or AutoCS you SHOULD be teleported back to where you originally were
- With Auto Attack and AutoSkills, it now sends a KeyUp command.
- Auto Attack will deactivate when there are no mobs on the map.
- I forgot what else I did (if anything) Wink

8/21/12 7:00AM EST

- Added Loot before CC
- Updated FMA hack description
- Updated Kami recommended settings.


Auto CC and Auto CS delays are in SECONDS.
The rest are in MILLISECONDS

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.][You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
[img:cc76][You must be registered and logged in to see this link.][You must be registered and logged in to see this image.][You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Click here to view the original image of 546x333px.
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]


Q: I am getting autobanned for 10 minutes. What do I do?
A: You read the top of this thread or watch the video

Q: The bot doesn't pop up when I inject! Whats wrong?
A: Read the top of the thread for a fix.

Q: Can you add item filter/map rusher/evan dem/ any other private hack?
A: No. You'll need to buy VIP from another site.

Q: I DC when using Kami or Kami Loot. Why is this happening?
A: Your tele delay or loot delays are too low. Make them higher.

Q: Will the People CC detect GM's in my map?
A: No.

Q: Can you add to FMA?
A: No. The current FMA hack will only work for the skills listed below.

Q: How does the Packet Sender work?
A: If you don't know how a packet sender works you probably shouldn't touch it.
You send packets, for example CC packets, Meso drop packets, etc etc.

Q: Why are you such a Dbag?

Code: - Auto Pot
- Auto CC, People CC, and Auto CS
- Auto Attack (Stops when no mobs on map)
- 3 AutoSkills
- Click Fly
- Tubi
- UA
- No Breath
- Morph Hack
- Many bypass hacks
- Kami & Kami Loot
- Loot Before CC
- Packet Sender
-- Meso Drop
-- AP Distribution
-- Inventory Drop
- Packet Spamming
- Save and Load Settings
- Hotkeys
- Show MS/Hide MS
- Pointer Info
- Timed Exit
- Teleport back to Original Spot (spawn set) Description of Hacks:

Known issues:

Code: - If you untick and retick Auto CC or Auto CS before the delay finished, it will create another loop without ending the first. Future things:

Code: - ANY IDEAS? Skills that can be used with FMA:

Code: [+] I/L Mage Chain Lightning > (Panthom can Steal this Skills)
[+] Cannoneer (barrel+explosion) Barrel Bomb
[+] Night Walker Poison Bomb
[+] Jett, Brawler and Thunder Breaker Tornado Uppdercut
[+] Buccaneer Tornado Uppercut > (Phantom can Steal this Skill)
[+] Evan Blaze (Mini FMA)
[+] Dual Blade Flashbang Thank you @YoungWey and @EpicxDeath for the list.

If trainer
doesn't pop up when you inject. Check the top of this post.
If you get a
10 minute autoban. Check the top of this post.
If you make a post asking how to fix this stuff, I will track you down and punch you right in your stupid face.
Thank you.

Updated: 9/16/12 8:10PM EST

(Newest) v5.4.3 Link: HypnoBot.dll
(Previous) v5.4.2 Link: HypnoBot.dll

If you have DC problems, try renaming the DLL file to something random before you inject.

Previous Versions:

>>>Virus Scan<<<
The 1 detected item isn't a virus. Don't worry.
McAfee is an extremely shitty AV

Enjoy you sexy bitches

@Disciple, @Leisure321, and @moisiete - Helped me out a bunch
@aasdf - Perfect Kami
Phi - Packet Sending Code
@SiNTAX - CS Enter & Exit Packets
@Zawao - Pointers and offsets when I originally started + continuous help (thought you were already here)
@Savion - Always helpful

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