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That's right guys a AVA Ghost hack!

What this does:
This makes your character stay where it is but however moves your camera, but you still can shoot. Thus you are invincible, it doesn't work well in BG because the monsters can still hit your actual body thus is rendered ineffective. But in other maps its quite good.

How to use it:
1. First open the AVA and go to this thread Click Here and download the ERL Bypasser and install.
2. Now open on open the file with cheat engine.
3. Hook cheat engine with AVA.exe (Click on the computer in the corner and click AVA.exe)
4. Go in a game, the value for the second adress should be somewhere around 0000000, so 0000001 or 0000002 is ok, if it is press 'up'
5. Where you press up you also stay their.

This does not work well for BG
This DOES work well or suppresion
To turn off just change the adress to 0000000


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