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Head Administer
Head Administer
WooLeveling.exe is exclusively the hack-free leveling portion of Woo.exe
Main features:
- Full version of Woo will available when public god/noai/ohk/aoe commands are publicly released
- Boat reload feature if kicked to town
- Option to level up your transformation skill
- Supports all resolutions EXCEPT "Custom->Fullscreen"
- *Autosell, automail, and console-related GUI functions are disabled for this bot for confusion reduction
- Currently supports: Pillar Karok and Longsword Fiona

NOTE: I cannot test the EU functionality. If there are problems, let me know

New for .47
Made some minor tweaks per users' feedback, largely focused around server delay errors.

If you get an error/detection message:
a screenshot (SS) to imageshack and post the link of the error message.
If you simply say "it's detected", I will not post a new version. I
cannot always replicate the same problems you guys get. Please help me
out, and the other contributors on this site, by doing this. Thanks!

Table of Contents
-GUI interfaces:
-What this does:
-How to use:
-Common problems:
-How AP spender works:

GUI interfaces:

What This Does:
will spam White Tyrant's Challenge without using hacks. Gold is
required to run this via repair costs; however, 50-125% of the repair
costs (depending on your gear) will be covered by selling the Epic
Enhancement stones collected, and NPC'ing the rest of the drops. This
will NOT GET YOU GOLD. Better gear will cost more to run the bot, but
will also go through the runs faster. Worse gear is cheaper to run (you may actually make a small amount of gold), but the runs will take longer.

Advantages to this program are that you are not using hacks, so the
chances of being banned are significantly decreased/eliminated. You can
get to level 70 -> 80 in about a week; leveling from 70-80 will net
you about 20k AP. Disadvantages are that minimum stats (and
consequentially a related min char level) are required to run this,
particularly for your defense. Suggested minimum stats for Hard
difficulty will be noted in the message box before the bot starts.

Since your inventory will fill quickly even after just a few runs, a Mailbot is included.

How to use:

1 - Start Woo.exe as admin (You can start this after Vindictus is started too)
2 - Start Vindictus
3 - Get on a boat for White Tyran't Challenge
4 - Hit "Home" on your keyboard
5 - Set the checkboxes/user inputs value as desired
6 - Hit "Start"
7 - Input how many dungeon runs you would like to complete before the bot repairs your gear, and select your character. A message box will appear; for optimal functionality, do what it says.

In-game Settings
I installed the game, these following in-game settings were default. If
you differ from these, the bot may not work well, or at all.
- Mouse mode
- Mouse Sensitivity = 3
- Space bar is dodge (not jump)
- "Attack in direction of the camera" and "Display boss names" are
checked, and everything else in the right pane of Advanced Settings is

For some attack patterns, checking "Auto-lock onto bosses" in the
Advanced Settings may better optimize the damage done to the boss. If
the message box says to do so; it probably is best to try that way

For those under lvl ~60 and die before killing the bear
Either grind to a higher level, or you may also try implementing the low lvl .hfs file
I created to complement this bot. Be warned, adding hacks to use of
this bot will only increase your chances of being banned. Also maxing
certain skills, like Standing Endurance, and making sure your
character's carrying weight is in the white region (in your inventory
screen) will significantly improve the efficiency of this bot.

How to use the Mailbot:

1 - Start WooLevel.exe as admin
2 - Open up the mailbox screen in game, not inside the Inn.
3 - Hit "INS" on your keyboard

"Home" to start
"Pause" to pause
"End" to stop

How AP spender works:
you do not want to use the AP spender, use "0" in the GUI. AP will be
spent every amount of runs specified in the GUI. You MUST have the
skill already learned if it is to be trained. If you would like to
train specific skills first, you can put 1 AP into the skills you want
and check "Trained Skills Only" in the skill window in Vindictus. Due
to scripting, currently only the first 12 skills in each tab will be
trained (really only affects the "Combat" tab which has more than 12).

Common problems:
- The GUI won't come up, what do I do? A: Press the "Home" key.Home key - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Try also Alt+Tab'ing out of Vindictus and pressing Home with the desktop up.
- The bot run time says 0h 0m.
A: The timer and average completion time refreshes AFTER each run,
meaning you will not see a time until you are back on the boat starting
run #2.

- The bot gets stuck at the battle cleared screen or the boat, and I have to keep restarting it.
A: Make sure you WAIT for AT LEAST 5 minutes before messing with the
bot. It will attempt to auto-correct the problem. If it can't, then an
error message will pop up that will tell me where your issue is in the

- The bot is clicking and moving too fast. A: Try checking "Slow Computer Delay"
- The bot says "character not recognized".
A: First, make sure that when you press "V", the skill popup screen
does not cover the HP bar; travelling to Malina and back causes a glitch
in the game the Nexon has yet to fix. Simply return to the main screen
and relog your character. Try both checking the "VM" checkbox in the
main GUI; depending on what software version you are using for VMs, it
may or may not be different colors than the native Windows OS color
scheme. Try also both windowed and FS mode; some reported this fixed the
problem (tho I have no clue why it would). If you have "trained skills
only" checked, and the bot does not un-check and re-check it for you,
then it is not detecting it properly. Post here that it's not, and
simply uncheck it before running the bot, then pause the bot and
re-check it after the bot starts. If these are not your problem, make
sure your in-game "Adjust Brightness" is set to the default 2.2 and that
any graphic shader programs (to enhance play experience) are turned
off. Reinstalling Vindictus may fix the problem.

Please make sure you are using the current version of Woo. I may have
already fixed your problem and it gives me a headache when people are
reporting on an issue that is already fixed and I'm digging through code
to find something that's not there.

you are having problems, make sure you have READ all the instructions
(90% of the problems are because people didn't read). I didn't make
instructions to annoy you! If I don't have enough information to
replicate your problem, then I can't fix it! Please either include a SS
of your vindi screen (preferably with the text box up), or the info
below so I can try to replicate your problem:

-Error message #, if one popped up
-Desktop/Vindi resolutions
-Problems at "boat" vs. "a map", and which map (boss map vs. first map).
If it's at the boss map and the boss is dead - is there a countdown
timer or does it say "waiting" ("waiting" = premature boat launch)
-Take notice of what the splash box is saying the bot is doing - did it
skip something? Make sure you try adding in a delay if your computer is
slow, this may fix things


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