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Head Administer
again, this is just the quick fast updated version of the farmer
including a injector! Its is fully automatic and fast when the game is
finished it starts over again like the old version..
U can do this like always while your afk and you make tons of money very fast!

1. Start AVA and when the xigncode logo dissapears inject the .dll
2. Go to your settings put everything in windowed modus and 800*600 res
3. Create the prisonbreak survival room password protected 1 or 4 players (Just password protected)
4. Hold the 5 button on your keyboard till it starts ( NOT F5 OR THE KEYPAD)
5. Done!

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PBS FIXED VS + INJECTOR.rar - Jotti's malware scan

Try injecting like 6/7 .dlls in the pack with rullez injector works perfect for me.
Close all background programs to prevent the game doesnt end and it not auto suiciding
and always check the first time if it doesnt exits.

iwiniwin (injector)

Windows 8 x32: TESTED
Windows 8 x64: NOT TESTED
Windows 7 x32: NOT TESTED
Windows 7 x64: NOT TESTED
Windows XP/Vista: NOT TESTED

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Lol, why we should load a Virus??

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This is detected man

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