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Head Administer
What Does This Trainer Has ?
Full Godmode: mobs cannot attack you.
PGM: Mob cannot attack you Physicaly.
Generic no Delay: (GND) Makes your attack alot faster also great for bossing.
Kami: Your character will teleport to the nearest/random mobs in the map, combine this with attacking/looting etc.
No Knockback: (No K[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.] Your character won't knockback anymore.
Unlimited Attack: (UA) takes away the 100 attack limit. (There is not hotkeys for that becouse it run allways at background)
No Breath: You can cc / Replace items on your character without worry about your character breathing.
Mob Aggro: Monsters will turn aggressive to you. (Removed For Now.)
Mob Freeze: All monsters will freeze, thus stand still.
Full mob disarm: Monster will not use any attacks against you so basically they will only be doing touch damage and walk towards you. Very useful, low chance of ban/dc. (Removed For Now).
Mob lag: Makes mobs lag (Its Likes Mob Freeze So Dont use it).
Vac Right: sucks all monsters to the right side of map/platform. (Removed For Fix)
Click Mouse Fly: Your character will teleport to where you click mouse x, mouse y.
Jump Down Anywhere: (JDA) Jump down anywhere, usually used to jump off the bottom floor of a map to reset it. (Removed For Now)
Mouse fly: Your character will fly in the air following your mouse. (Removed For Now Will Be Fixed Next Version)
No Background + No Clouds: removes the background in-game to reduce lag.
Auto CC: Auto change channel, set a delay and after each time the delay is past, the bot will change channel. Can also be used with "change channel when people is equal or above X".
Auto Skills: I dont thing i need to explain. (1 - D, 2 - F, 3 - G, 4 - H)
Auto Attack: When Enabled, Your character will attack automaticly. (CTRL Key)
ST (Super Tubi): Your character will loot faster.
PGM + MobFreeze: Just Merged Version.
PD(People Detection): If people will get into your map you will be automaticly change channel.
GMD(GMDetection): If GM will get into your map you will be automaticly change channel.
AP(Auto Pot): Will Pot If your Hp will be Under 1500 Or your mp under 100.

How To Run And Keys (Must Read)
1.Download the dll.
2.Put the dll (TosikHalak.dll) in your maplestory folder (do this step if you want blackchiper bypass will work - Not must)
3.Inject the dll (TosikHalak.dll) to the maplestory.exe process.
4.Happy Hacking and Mapling.

Keys For Tools : AutoAttack - Control, AutoLoot - Z, AutoPots Hp - PageUP,MP - PageDown, AutoSkill1 - F, AutoSkill2 - G.
HotKeys: AutoAttack - F1, AutoLoot - F2, SuperTubi - F3, MouseFly- F4, NoBreath- F5, UA - F6, ClickFly - F7, ALT + T - Teleport Top, ALT + B - Teleport Bottom, ALT + L - Teleport Left, ALT + R - Teleport Right.

Picture& Videos



[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Q: I got a message : "Failed to kill BlackCipher..."
A: Read Step 2.
Q: I injected the trainer but nothing is coming up.
A: make sure you have netframework 4.5 and c++ red 2010 Moreover be sure your uac is disabled.
Q: I am getting crash everytime becouse of the teleport botting.
A: Dont use with him memory hacks.

Missing Dll or not popup ?

Download it and Install : [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Not Popup ?

  1. You have the most up to date TosikHalak.dll file.
  2. The TosikHalak.dll file is inside the MapleStory folder.
  3. You have Microsoft.NET Frameworks 4.5 & Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2010.
  4. The Injector you are using is a high rated one, commonly used for purposes such as this. (InjectorGadget is what I use).
  5. UAC can be disabled or enabled. NOTE: If UAC is enabled make sure your Injector and MapleStory is run as admin for ALL users and set the compatibilities to Windows XP SP2.
  6. Inject the DLL when MapleStory is on the splash window A.K.A. the window where it lets you press "PLAY".
  7. You do not enable any hacks until you are logged into the game (Being able to walk around, etc).
  8. Your firewall settings and anti-virus/malware settings have MapleStory, your injector & even TosikHalak.dll is listed as safe/trusted files.
  9. You have no real viruses (Run a virus scan).
  10. You've installed the latest windows updates.
  11. If all this fails, then ask for help on this thread or ask your friend(s).

Testers / Normal Users WB: Click [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
VirusScan : [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
I prefer to use InjectorGadget but if it not work for you try this injector: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]or this injector(prefer): [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Barorsure (---------), ConSext(MPGH) - Same Person - Created The Trainer.


150.1.4: BC Got Kicked, Fixed Some Problems.
150.1.3: Fixed Random D/C, Now PGM + Mob Freeze (Merged Version) Works (F10).
150.1.2: Fixed - Godmode.
150.1.1: Fixed Some Stuff, Removed In This Version - Godmode(Patched), FTF, JDA,Kami(Disabled At That Version). Added - GND (F3).
149.3.12:Added - PGM + MOB Freeze Together, Fixed - D/c, Removed - Jump Down Everywhere(For Fixing), Mob To Right (It d/c alot so i removed it for now.)
149.3.11: Fixed - D/C Problems every 5 min, Added - Fall Thought Floor, No BackGround + Clouds, Jump Down Everywhere.
149.3.10: Added - Mob To Right Vac, Godmode (Work Without d/c and very stable), Mob Freeze / Lag, Fixed - NO KB.
149.3.9:Fixed Auto Potter, Added StuckAtOnePlace (You will not able to move from your place).
149.3.8: Bypassed BlackChiper, Fixed Random Crashes, Added - Mob Lag, Instant Drop (Mainly For Event Leaf & Coins), Added System That Will Check Your Last Trainer Version And Will Say To You If You Have The Last Version.
149.3.7: Fixed Teleport,Fixed Crash At Injection (Freeze Problem), Added Jump Quest Bypass (all jump quests),Make auto cc work better, Improved Kami.
149.3.6: Kami now work perfect, Fixed teleport section, bypassed bc and updated to the last maplestory version.
149.2.5: Teleport botting now should work. I rebuild the trainer for making him very very stable you should not get d/c now with memory hacks. Bypassed again blackcihper.
149.2.4:Updated To last version + Updated for blackcihper, TeleportBotting disabled in this version for maint.. Attention - For eset nod 32 users may get notification becouse of the encryption that i added in the dll. The others anti virus should not get notification.
149.2.3: Added - Teleport Section Now you have ui only for teleportion, Fixed - Everything fixed now is the best stable version. | Use it until it will be detected hhhh (Maked it harder for nexon so it should be not detected for few days i hope.) More over added new video that explane about Teleport Section.
149.2.2: Fixed - Popup Problems, Crashes. Added - Master Key. Changed - MouseFly + ClickFly Hotkey to F11 AND F12. - Added New Video To Help People To Understand.
149.2.1: Updated the trainer (TeleportBotting and kami are very buggy i dont recommand to use them.) + Removed UI.
148.3.9: Fixed - Auto potter,Auto skills | Added - remove logger fixed to and now trainer more stable.
148.3.7: New GUI - Updated - Now blackcihper not detecting this trainer. Added - Kami,MobLag,NoPlayerKB,Two more autoskills.
148.3.5: Added - People Detection / Gm Detection / AutoCC. Fixed - Teleport Botting Improved / Added Donation Button.
148.3.4: Added - ClickFly,FTF,WallTeleports,PoortalTeleports,HotKey s | Fixed - Teleport Botting More Stable (do not use with him a memory hack).
148.3.3: Updated Pointers For Teleport Botting - Critical Update Must Download.
148.3.2: Added InGame Log And Updated Full Teleport Botting.
148.3: Rebuild Trainer And Updated To The New Version.
148.1: Created The Trainer.
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