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Generic No Delay: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Physical Godmode: https://binbox.io/YW2N8#5IKSANFd
Magical Godmode: https://binbox.io/MScG2#eFTTPHB0
Mob Freeze: https://binbox.io/ANRsv#7gOtyZpG
Mob Disarm: https://binbox.io/bxP82#clavk1dp
Extreme Tubi: https://binbox.io/9d4NO#XQ1ExFxD
Unlimited Attack: https://binbox.io/mAd9Y#W7GqhMFL
Mob Lag: https://binbox.io/qvB27#71W8F1Z6
Pointers and Offsets: https://binbox.io/sXtNX#WeyhQqNM


Generic No Delay: AIRRIDE
Physical Godmode: Chubbz
Magical Godmode: Chubbz
Mob Freeze: 0aixz0r
Mob Disarm: Chubbz
Extreme Tubi: Xenon
Unlimited Attack: Xenon

I'm also introducing an all in 1 public scripts tool:

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

You may download that here: Clicky

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