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Level 1
Level 1
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* BETA TEST SERVER start 29.12.2014
- Free Beta NPC for Nobles, full Exp, Armors, Weapons, Jewels, Adena, etc. will be in Giran.

*** !! LIVE START SERVER start 2.1.2015 18:00 GMT+1 !! ***
- Premium Account for every new player 1 day free (2x rate XP,SP,Spoil,Drop,Adena)
- Every Clan with 15 active people in game get 25k reputation points and clan level 5


For more information about server changes check our new website on [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

We made a lot of changes and adjustments:

- added new Buff Shop - player can create Shop with his enchant buffs
- added premium accounts system for every new player 1 day free (2x rate XP,SP,Spoil,Drop,Adena)
- removed bug with multiple logins
- removed bug with multiple items
- removed bug with multiple class
- added additional auto-reward system
- added new manually reward system
- added new functions in Community Board (ALT+B)
- new castle manager for all castles
- new commands for register (.join) and unregister (.leave) to Nexus Event Engine
- new command for easy find party for Raid Boss in Instance (.findparty)
- deleted quest for transformation
- added quest item for nobless in GM Shop
- announcement RaidBoss spawn (no GrandBoss)
- added efect when use .xpoff
- simplified quest for access to Hellbound
- Mouse Coins prices in GM Shop were reduced
- clan event - every clan with 15ppl online may receive 25k reputaion points and clan lvl 5
- if the player is registered on Olympiad he can't use a buffer
and more...


Server Hardware

   Technology Sandy Bridge E - 12 threads
   Intel Xeon E5-1650 Six-Core
   Hard disks 2x SSD 160 GB
   RAM 64 GB DDR3
   Connection at 1 GB

Server Rate

   EXP: 25x
   SP: 25x
   Party EXP: 2x
   Party SP: 2x
   DropItems: 10x
   RaidDropItems: 3x
   RaidDropJewely: 1x
   Spoil: 25x
   Adena: 30x


   AntiBot protection Lameguard
   DDoS protection - Hyperfilter

Grand Bosses

   Stats of Grand Bosses are regulated
   Antharas and Valakas spawn is every 6 days and random 12 hours
   Baium spawn is every 5 days and random 2 hours
   Instance Zaken, Frintezza, Freya Normal, Freya Hard, Tiat
   Beleth, Baylor

Buffs Setting

   Max Buffs: 24 + 4
   Max Dances/Songs: 12
   Buffs time: 2 hours

Enchant Setting

   Normal Enchant: 55%
   Blessed Enchant: 65%
   Safe enchant: +4
   Max enchant: +16

Nexus Event Engine

   Team vs Team
   Capture the Flag
   Last Man Standing
   Counter Strike
   Team Tournament

Commands In Game


   .xpoff turns off gaining experience
   .xpon turns on gaining experience
   .combinetalisman combine all the same talismans in your inventory
   .online show the number of online players
   .offline create offline shop
   .getreward reward from voting
   .castlemanager New manager for all castles
   .join .leave registration and unregistration for Nexus Event Engine
   .findparty list of players who are looking for a party ( Zaken, Freya )
   .changepassword change your password
   .repair teleport to a safe location
   .gotolove wedding port to your partner.
   .deposit exchanged 500kk Adena for 1x Goldbar
   .withdraw exchanged 1x Goldbar for 500kk Adena
   .openatod [num] expands the number of Ancient Tome of the Demons

Next Information

   Player can create Shop with his enchant buffs
   Manually-reward vote system .getreward
   Auto-reward vote system for all online players
   NPC Olympiad Manager with ranking
   Hero period is every 14 days
   NPC Shop search
   Solo Kamaloka lvl 85
   Rabbits Offline shops
   Scheme NPC Buffer
   Special Global Gate Keeper
   GM Shop max S-grade
   Soul Crystals in GM Shop or charging
   All talismans work
   Auto learn skills
   Raid Boss event every 5 hours
   Special Shop for Mouse Coins
   Vitality system
   My Teleports
   Subclass max. 3x
   Subclass max. level 85
   NPC Nevits Blessing
   Community Board - Player Menu, TOP PvP, PK, Clans, Nexus info...
   Announcement Raid Boss spawn
   Tiat drop increased
   Freya drop increased
   Blacksmith Mammon in Giran
   Merchant of Mammon in Giran
   Auto Class Master
   Forgotten Scrolls shop in Giran
   Charging crystals stage 11 - 18 adapted to a greater chance
   Freya Instance without Quest
   Nobless Quest item in GM Shop
   Clan Items in GM Shop

Working Features

   Seed of Infinity
   Seed of Destruction
   Seed of Anihilation
   Pailaka instances
   Fortress Siege
   Castle Siege
   Seven Signs Epic Quests
   Kamaloka instaces
   Siegable Clanhalls
   Delusion Chamber
   Territorial Wars

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Level 1
Level 1

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