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Head Administer
Download : [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] (V4.0E)

Virus Scan :
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]


Added Adjustable Inject Delay(adjust via Data\Info.ini)
Updated HS Bypass correctly, removed unnecessary codes

Fixed some crashes

Updated Launcher Injection of other dlls to delay inject(500ms)
Removed Bypass down error

Updated bypass to V160.2

Initial Release for V160.1

How to Use :

Extract the files into a folder as follows, don't move any files
Launch Angel Light Launcher.exe
Login using GK Account
Click "..." button and browse to ur MS folder
Click Create MapleStory instance

MS CRC Bypass(2 CRC currently, didn't find any other CRC)
VEH Debugger bypass + Process list
Exclusive Multi MS Bypass by me
Semi NGS Bypass [Bypasses Error Code 4(Hash) & Error Code 6(String)]

Things to note:
If u have any dlls to inject , u may put them into the Inject folder, however , some dlls doesn't work with immediate injections eg. Attachment 23643, so please use a injector eg. Injector Gadget , manually inject any other dlls after the bypass finished its job

If you encounter Bypass is outdated error, please make sure u check the following
1)Make sure u usign the correct launcher version, in this case, V4.0B, u can check the version by checking the window title
2)Make sure u updated ur MS client before using the launcher
3)Make sure u select the correct MS Path in the launcher
Fixed In Version C & Above
If u encounter bypass is down problem:
1)Open internet Explorer
2)Goto tools >Internet Options
3)goto Advanced tab
4)click reset button
I will remove the check in the next version
If u crash with Oppai trainer after 2nd pin, please try the following
Quote Originally Posted by jacknestor View Post
If you're using Oppai Launcher and have RAND HWID enabled, try disabling it. it worked after I disabled skip logo and rand hwind.
If ur client crash when using kami from Oppai trainer, please check that u r using 0.4.5a , and not any old oppai trainer

Supported OS:
Windows 7 , 8 , 8.1 , 10 , 32 & 64 bit (32 bits not tested yet)

Video Demonstration:


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