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Head Administer
Head Administer
Screenshot: http://hnng.moe/f/z4

-> Install the VC2013 Redist before using the bot <-
-> Download (version 0.4.6a) <-

Big thanks to DBlmao for his awesome bypass! Without him, we'd have no bypass and therefore no hacks (besides bypassless stuff which would still get NGS detected eventually).

Old versions:

0.4.2a 64bit
0.4.2a 32bit
0.4.1a hotfix recompile 7Da7zikXCl
0.3.1a hotfix
0.2a recompile 5670176335
0.2a recompile AAjLpGM421
0.2a recompile 4mxA4pqP0n

Getting started:

  • Download Angel Light Launcher -> here <-.
  • Put the rar file in your maplestory folder (usually C: \Nexon\Library\maplestory\appdata).
  • Install 7-zip or WinRAR if you haven't already.
  • Right click the rar file -> 7-zip -> extract here.
  • Start Angel Light Launcher in your maplestory folder (you can mute the music by clicking "Mute BGM"). You can leave this open.
  • Click "..." and select your maplestory folder (usually C: \Nexon\Library\maplestory\appdata).
  • Download the trainer (it's a zip now)
  • right click the file -> extract all... -> extract
  • If you need to multiclient (Angel Light Launcher supports that), Oppai_QuickInjector probabilly won't work, so ignore the next steps and just put Oppai Trainer 2015 0.4.5a.dll in the "Inject" folder inside your MapleStory folder and click "Create MapleStory Instance" in Angel Light Launcher. The launcher will automatically inject the trainer. NOTE: if maple closes after entering your pic, don't login with your gamekiller account until you're in-game
  • If you're not multiclienting then you can use my injector which might or might not help in hiding the dll from any possible detections (even though I'm sure DB's bypass already bypasses everything). Start Oppai_QuickInjector in the folder you extracted earlier and then click "Create MapleStory Instance" in Angel Light Launcher. It should display the following: http://hnng.moe/f/11D (PID will change) and disappear. If it gives any errors and ends with "Press any key to continue..." try re-running it as administrator.
  • Once the login window pops up, log-in with your GameKiller credentials and click Play.
  • If you have any issues with the trainer, read the "Known Issues" section below before posting! Also please check the thread to see if your question has already been asked or answered.

Antiviruses will give false positives because I have packed it with Themida.
Virus scan: http://virusscan.jotti.org/en/scanre...772cdffe614279

If you appreciate my work, please consider a donation.

Top donators (thank you!):
Blaze: 30£
Alexander (nickname unknown) - 10 EUR
Leanna (nickname unknown) - 10 EUR
benraze - 5 EUR
ModJosh - 5 EUR
anon - 5 EUR
itay (nickname unknown) - 3.00 EUR
DarkDemolition - 3.00 EUR
msooin - 2.50 USD
Pokehunter - 2.00 EUR
Administator - 2.00 EUR
William (nickname unknown) - 2.00 AUD
pinkred87: 1 EUR

If you want to attach a message or a nickname to your donations, feel free to write so in the donation note when you donate.

It's been years since my last GMS release. I haven't been around since my Perfect BP Bot and Oppai Trainer because I had switched to MapleStory Europe due to the annoyance of having to use a VPN just to test hacks, but after I saw how dead the public GMS hacking scene was, I decided to come back.
I named this trainer after my old VIP trainer. It's still incomplete, as I only implemented the very basics so far. I wrote this in pure C and win32. I'm testing new methods of hacking maplestory and hopefully this will result in a more stable hacking experience. 
I hope this will give a new spark of life to the public GMS community.
I'm going to be constantly updating it with new features and new hacks so don't forget to check this thread for updates!

Special thanks to AIRRIDE, Shadow, Conquest, Waty, Taku, kevintjuh93, DarkBoy and everyone else who creates these awesome hacks and helps me reversing all the time.

Known Issues:
If maple closes after entering your pic, make sure you're not using Rand HWID as it seems to be temporarily broken and don't login with your gamekiller account until you're in-game
* If you have any issues getting the bot or some of the windows to pop up, your config file could be corrupted, so try deleting OppaiTrainer2015.ini in your maplestory folder. Also run maple as admin, just to be sure.
The settings are not saving -> the settings are saved when you close the trainer and confirm whether you want to terminate maplestory or not, so make sure you do that instead of just closing maple.
Missing MSVCR120.dll -> Install this http://download.microsoft.com/downlo...redist_x86.exe
Kami D/Cs in a matter of seconds -> Restart PC (always works for me) / try playing a different job / try using a different attack/skill / test it on a different map.
Autopot spams potions for no reason -> Set HP/MP alert to 100% in system settings
Tubi D/Cs -> try "Stable Tubi" and make sure you don't loot more than 30 items at once and don't hold down Z when you loot (spam it instead).
Elite mobs / minibosses D/C with kami -> Find a better training spot or be overleveled enough to kill them quickly.
Cannot reinject the trainer after closing it and selecting "no" -> There seems to be an issue with unloading DLLs while using DB's bypass, just restart maplestory for now.
Any Hackshield / NGS detection issues are not related to the trainer - you're most likely having problems with the bypass. Make sure you are using Angel Light Launcher as explained in "Getting Started". If you still get NGS, re-download the latest version and see if that fixes it. Downloading HackShield and BlackCipher manual patches and rebooting also helps. Switching accounts might also help as nexon seems to be flagging specific accounts in some cases.

Features Description:
Settings system:
The settings are saved when you close the trainer and confirm whether you want to terminate maplestory or not, so make sure you do that instead of just closing maple.


NoKB: Your character won't get knocked back when hit by monsters. Useful for semi-legit jumpquesting.
Full Godmode: Nothing will be able to damage or hit you. Recommended for kami. (Note: this seems to have an extemely small chance to give a 2-day autoban so if you want to be 100% safe use 58s godmode).
Mob Disarm: Disables monsters' skills and magic attacks.
Lemmings: Non-jumping monsters will be able to fall off platforms.
Skip Logo: Tick this at play screen to skip the wizet & nexon logos.
Rand HWID : Randomizes the HWID, MAC address and HDD serial number that the game sends to Nexon. This is useful to avoid getting your main accounts chainbanned (note that you might also want to use a proxy or vpn as they also track your ip address). Tick this before logging in or at play screen. The trainer will generate ONE set of random hwid/mac/HDD sn when it is injected, so if you want a new HWID just restart maple and tick this again.
CPU Hack: Hides backgrounds, platforms, objects, clouds, damage, hitmarks, attack animations and monster reactions to minimize cpu and memory usage when botting.
Magic Godm.: Magic attacks can't hit you.
Insta Drop: drops will instantly appear on the ground, skipping the usual animation.
JDA: Jump down anywhere. Could be useful for jump quests(?). You can even jump off map.
View Swears: (untested) disables swears censoring in the chat.
Reactor DEM: Allows you to hit all of the reactor objects (boxes, or other inanimate things you need to destroy in quests) in the map from anywhere without being close to them.
No FA: (untested) Disables Final Attack. Don't use this on combo-based classes like Arans, as it will D/C almost immediately.
UA: Allows you to attack more than 100 times without moving.
Tubi: Allows you to pick up items with no delay. Picking up too much stuff at once will disconnect, so make sure you don't hold down Z and don't pick up more than 30 items at once. If you get D/C too often, try "Stable Tubi", which caps loot speed so you can loot more items at once (it will still D/C if you overdo it).
58s godmode: same thing as Full Godmode, except you will get hit once every 58 seconds.
Stable Tubi: the recommended tubi for kami. It's like Tubi, except loot speed is capped so that it's less likely to disconnect. Please note that tubi is not guaranteed to be stable, so if you're planning to be afk for hours consider not using loot or tubi for more stability.
Excellzon is COOL Left: Speeds up monsters when they move left so that they will tend to get vacced to the left. Works best on flat maps. You can use this if your class doesn't work well with kami.

Botting (NOTE: these work even when the game is minimized):
Attack (CTRL): this will spam CTRL. The combo box lets you choose the type of attack: Normal is just normal keypresses, Combo holds down the key to trigger combo attacks for classes like Aran, Fast Combo cancels the attack animation for combo classes that require MP for their combo attacks (such as Aran) when they are out of MP - which means that using Fast Combo with 0 mp on such classes will generate faster-than-normal single attacks.
Loot (Z): spams Z.
Skill1-8: autoskill. Bind your desired skill to the specified key and set the delay in the textbox in milliseconds (for example, if you wanted to use your skills every 120 seconds, you'd type 120000).
HP (PAGE UP): Auto pot for HP. Place your HP potions on PAGE UP, SET YOUR HP/MP ALERT VALUE TO 100% IN THE GAME SYSTEM SETTINGS and type the amount of HP below which the trainer will use a potion automatically.
MP (PAGE DOWN): Auto pot for HP. Place your HP potions on PAGE DOWN, SET YOUR HP/MP ALERT VALUE TO 100% IN THE GAME SYSTEM SETTINGS and type the amount of HP below which the trainer will use a potion automatically.

This is a pretty well-known vac that will teleport your character to monsters while you auto-attack. I slightly modified it to teleport to the closest monster rather than a random one.
For now it will only work for classes that can attack in mid-air, but I will eventually add air check bypasses.
Enable: enables the hack
Loot: ticking this will teleport to drops and auto-loot when there are more than a certain amount of items that you can set from "loot if items > ...". This also works when kami is not enabled and it will teleport back to your starting position when it's done looting.
RX: horizontal offset. Useful for classes that must attack from a certain range.
RY: vertical offsets.
When there are no monsters (and items, if loot is enabled) left, Kami will teleport to the top left corner of the map to hide from people.
There is a known issue where Kami D/Cs almost instantly. Restarting your computer will most likely fix this. No one knows why this happens and why it only happens for some people.
AirCheck: if your class can't attack in mid-air, try enabling this and see if it helps. NOTE: this is not guaranteed to work on all classes.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Teleport to coords:
Allows you to jump to the desired coords. Useful for jump quests. I will eventually add more features such as saving lists of locations and stuff like that.

This is Server-Side mouse fly. It uses the same teleport function as kami. You can toggle it using the F10 hotkey.

Item filter:
Hides unwanted items so that you won't pick up junk.
Add the item id's you want to filter (you can find a list of items here http://hnng.moe/f/zM (Thanks to Xenon for this list)) and select the filtering mode. Accept means that every item except the ones in the list will be hidden. Reject means that only the items in the list will be hidden. Now set the minimum amount of meso and tick enable.

Coming soon:
- Auto CC
- Macro scripting
- Timed teleport
- Even more customization for Kami
- Alternative methods for Kami

Outdated videos on how to use it (they aren't needed anymore as I now have my own injector)

Video tutorial on how to use the trainer with Giora's bypass:

Video tutorial on how to use the trainer with Peru's bypass:

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