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Video demo (I could've reduced the delay more and I had to set the y offset to -30 so I didn't fall off):

Hi this is a map rusher which means it finds a path from where you are and the place you want to go and goes through each map in between using the portals, but quickly by teleporting right to them. This cannot teleport you to a map you could not walk to normally from your location.

This hack should work fine alongside my Item Filter and I recommend you use Oppai Trainer or some other method of FGM and/or No KB to make sure you don't get knocked back from the portal or killed in transit.

Making this took a lot of work compared to my item filter because of the pathfinding and parsing XML files and I'd like to thank the creators of WZExplorer because HaRepacker kept crashing when I tried to dump the Map.wz file.

1. Download mapcons.txt and put it in your MapleStory folder
2. Inject a bypass (I use Peru's)
3. Inject MapRusher.dll (VirusTotal)
4. Disable knockback and damage if you can

Look at other threads on the forum if you're having problems with getting it setup.

The rest should be obvious from the UI. You should be able to leave all the values to their defaults and just use the search and rush to selected buttons. If you want you can try messing around with the values, specifically the delay time if you want to go faster and the Y offset if you're falling down and not reaching the portal.

Update - Thanks to @Chubbz and others it's now using SP Control instead of Teleport for all of the map moves (except the first one) so it is quite stable.

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