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It's time for the Next major update to NoireLoader!! EBOLAZE SUPPORT!
i made it because i run 4 bots on my desktop and when one of them crashes, its a pain to set trainers up properly again. 
and now its even better!

-did a thing to make crash detection a little better

old versions:

-fixed backwards injector check box (now checked = on)
-re-enabled crash detection (LOLWTF how did i even forget that last time??)

-re-added injector setting (put dll's in maplefolderNoireinject) 
NOTE: NoireInject checkbox is backwards. check to disable, uncheck to enable

added some of the things i fixed back into the old v03:
-new 'click play' function that actually closes the right window
-changed launcher to work with chubbz bypass
-removed oppai support
-better ebolaze support
-removed profile save/load functions (ebolaze handles it)

this is the old v03.03 one that some people had better luck with updated with the profile settings for v06
it still uses the old crash detection (no dll)
the new profile settings do not require the NoireLoader folder, so simply run the exe and you're good ^^

fixed a bunch of stuff then forgot it because that was months ago
added support for ebolaze!

added a few more filters to NoireAssist
added logo skip hack (oppai login on public bypass should work now!)

added exception filter (WAY LESS ACCIDENTAL TERMINATIONS!!!)
fixed a couple minor bugs

fixed launch all
added ability to cancel launch all
improved launcher lock function
red text on buttons for themeless people

deleted old delay setting
added 'launch all'
locked out start buttons to reduce/prevent dual loading profiles
disabled auto relaunching when starting from main window (Instance manager's 'new instance' still has auto relaunch)
renamed Crash window to 'Instance Manager'
increased delay on NoireAssist (the newer version that's been playing nice)

MOTHA F---N' v04-beta1:
Totally redone and massively improved crash detection. 0 false positives in testing.

pretty sure i fixed launcher bug that was throwing exceptions for some people

Fixed a couple minor bugs

made it at least usable

Multi Crash detection & relauncher. 
I'm having a s--- day so didn't get it smoothed as much as i would like, but here. take it.

v2.50(sketchy Relauncher):
added a basic crash detection & relaunch function. its NOT ready for an official release, its not multi compatible, and its likely to crash, but may come in handy for some

v2.48 changes:
set working directory so -----'s injector works
v02.1-v02.47 changes:
fixed about 18923759863478562387465 bugs. done with this. you all better enjoy it.

v02 Changes:
No longer uses gamelauncher, loads maplestory.exe directly
automatic dll injection IS A GO!
added profile management settings
added automatic VM registry hack (Parallels only, vbox+vmware coming soon)


REQUIRES .net 4.5!
Link: dotNet4point5

REQUIRES msvc120 (2013, x86 version)!
link: msvc120_x86

NoireLoader v05.06

VirusTotal: (lel it catches the injector)

now accepting:
all proceeds go to the "I'm broke and can't afford food" fund

Currently NoireLoader can:

  • save its settings to the registry (directories, launcher mode, and last used profile)
  • It sets the profile ebolaze loads at launch
  • it patches your registry if you use Parallels VM
  • it loads maple! *oooh* *ahhhh*
  • it detects crashes SOMEWHAT RELIABLY and relaunches maple with the right profile

Upcoming features to have we dreams about:

  • v06

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

How to install:
1) Unzip with whatever unzip utility you have on hand
2) Run NoireLoader.exe
3) click the settings button in the bottom right [ ? ] (if it doesn't show up automatically)
4) set your MS directory (the folder with gamelauncher in it)
5) check click play if you want it to
6) click save
10) ???
11) MAD PROFIT!!1!

how to use:
1)select a profile and hit 'Launch Profile"
note: if you save a new profile in ebolaze, (re)open the crash manager window to add it to the list
2a)for public, that should be all you really need
2b)for VIP the crash manager has better tools for enabling and disabling the relauncher,
killing, and starting new instances
3) to close an instance, click 'Instance Manager', select the instance, and click end instance.

tutorial vids:


Public bypass:
sorry, out of date now


  • it can be used with multiple clients by loading one, changing profile, and loading another. just be careful that you don't save a new ini from client 1, then overwrite it with a different profile SAVE, SAVE, SAVE.
  • this DOES NOT provide multi client support. it is just designed to work well with multi capable systems (ex: VIP bypass)

Thanks to:

  • @Chai - basic ui test/encouragement [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
  • @LazyClicks - helping with the injector
  • @----- - VectoredExceptionHandler <3
  • @melonisme - logo skip address
  • @ElectedKing - v05 beta testing (since i didn't have vip)
  • @hapile299 - basically solved the late loading ebolaze issue

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