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Head Administer
Dear Excellzoner!

We are bring the weekly giveaways back! We are giving [1] $200 prepaid Master-card and [4] $25 prepaid Visa Card! The winners will be drawn randomly, to enter this giveaway simply like and comment on ourFacebook Page and follow our  twitter or comment here right on the forums.

The giveaway will be announced on October 4, 2015. If you are seeing this on excellzone.mrforun.net forums please post a reply as we will randomly pick a comment to win the $200 Master-card. If you are seeing this on facebook or other social media all you need to do is like and share the post/page and the winners will be picked at random. We will personal message you if you appear to be the winner, you have 24 hours to reply or the giveaway will go to someone else.

How Do I Enter This Giveaway?
To enter this giveaway there are 3 different giveaways and yes you can enter for all 3 of these give always. 

  1. The $200 prepaid master-card will be given away to any of the social media pages and excellzone forums ( facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, tumblr,and google+) there will be only one winner. One winner will be chosen at random from any of these social media pages, to enter for this giveaway simply like/share our facebook page and comment, follow our facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, tumblr,and google+.

  2. The $25 Prepaid Visa Card will be drawn randomly from facebook likes and Twitter followers. 1 winner will be drawn from facebook and 1 winner will be drawn from Twitter. Once you follow our twitter and like our facebook page you are in the giveaway

  3. The $25 Prepaid Visa Card will be drawn randomly from Pinterest followers and Google+ followers. 1 winner from Pinerest and 1 winner from Google+. Once you follow our pinterest page and google+ you are automatically in the giveaway.

Giveaway Prizes:
$200 Prepaid Master Card (Drawn randomly from facebook,twitter, tumlr, Pinterest and excellzone forums[1 Winner])
$25 Prepaid Visa Card (Drawn randomly on facebook and twitter [2 Winners]) 
$25 Prepaid Visa Card (Drawn randomly on Pinerest and google plus [ 2 Winners])

How will the winner will be drawn?
[$200 Prepaid Master-card] - We will number each comment and generate a random number from https://www.random.org/ if you have commented to this post on excellzone.mrforum.net. For social media like Facebook, twitter, pinterest, google+ and tumblr will be drawn by randomly picking one social media page from (twitter, facebook, tumblr, pinerest, googleplus), Then we will pick an random follower or comment and the winner will be accounted on October 4th, 2015  
[$25 Prepaid Visa Card] - Winner will be drawn by generating a random-number, 1 winner from facebook likes, one winner from twitter followers.  
[$25 Prepaid Visa Card] - An random Pinerent and google plus follower will win 1 $25 prepaid MasterCard by generation random number.

Why are we giving away?

Over the past 5 years of excellzone, we have generated a huge amount of income from advertisements and endorsements. We decided to give back to the community by doing giveaways.   

Follow and like our social media!



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