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Riot - Creator

[Included Features]

  • Crosshair
  • No Fog
  • Hit Boxes
  • No Recoil
  • No Spread
  • Unlimited Respawn
  • Fly (Gravity)
  • Speed Hack
  • Show Fire Path

[New Features]

  • No Spread
  • Unlimited Respawn
  • Speed hack


  • Extract to desktop
  • Open FaithInject (Run as Admin if your running Vista-Windows7
  • Click Add now browse for Digital-Prodigy PUB.dll
  • Now it will be added on the list
  • For the Process name put in "Engine.exe" (without the quotes and captial E for engine)
  • Click inject and run combat arms
  • Once injected go in game and press insert to open up the menu!

[How To Use]

  • Inject it using a injector ( a injector is provided in the download)
  • When in combat arms at login screen or where ever press insert to show and hide the menu
  • Use up and down arrows keys to navigate your way up and down the menu
  • Once you highlight the hack you want to turn on use the left and
    right arrow keys to turn on and of (Press right arrow key to turn on
    and left arrow key to turn off)

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Virus Scan:

MD5: 2c44eae5833c5e802dce4e2f3a2a0fff Trojan.Crypt.TPM.Gen
Gen:Trojan.Heur.PT.Wq4aa85PU@ki Gen:Trojan.Heur.PT.Wq4aa85PU@ki

Digital-Prodigy UPDATED 12-23-09.rar
Digital-Prodigy UPDATED 12-23-09.rar


  • ]Error]Missing d3dx9_35.dll
  • ]Solution] Download the directx runtime files - Download details: DirectX Redist (August 2009)
  • ]Solution2] Take
    the d3dx9_35.dll from ur system32 folder and put it in your combat arms
    folder and make a backup of the one in you combat arms before
    overriding it with the one from your system32 folder (To do this find
    the file d3dx9_35.dll and rename it to something like d3dx9_35 ORG.dll)

*This pub should work for ALL operating systems*

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Level 1
Please read before you post, You double posted this hack. Along with the other one.

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Level 5
I was hoping for an aimbot lol I need aimbot badly xD

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it's does not work

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