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I have been reading posts lately of "Undetected CSS Hacks". Its gotten me mad that people have been getting banned because these "Undetected CSS
Hacks" were detected. My brother uses a hack and its called FreakVision
v3 i belive. This hack is a wallhack and basicly what it does is makes
all walls transperant and a different color. You will see your enemys
thorough the wall in the color red or blue depending on which team you
are. I can garantee this hack is 100% safe also because it is materials
that you put in your CSS folder and those cant be detected as hacks but as skins and skins arent illegal.

Note: Credits go to ShooTTheNoob of GamerzPlanet.

Materials wallhack pack includes:

  • FullBright colored player models
  • Fullbright colored weapon models
  • Hands removal
  • Wallhacked maps
  • See through Smoke
  • Nightvision crosshair
Player models:

  • Terrorist [ 1 ]
  • Counter terrorist [ 1 ]
Weapon models:

  • Yellow - Secondary weapons
  • Cyan - Primary weapons
  • Green - Knive
  • Magenta - Grenades
  • Green - Bomb
Hands removal: [ 1 ]

Wallhacked maps: [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ]

  • CS_Assault
  • CS_Compound
  • CS_Havana
  • CS_Italy
  • CS_Militia
  • CS_Office
  • DE_Aztec
  • DE_Cbble
  • DE_Chateau
  • DE_Contra
  • DE_CPL_Mill
  • DE_Dust
  • DE_Dust2
  • DE_Inferno
  • DE_Nuke
  • DE_Piranesi
  • DE_Port
  • DE_Prodigy
  • DE_Tides
  • DE_Train
Smokes: [ 1 2 ]

Nightvision Crosshair: [ 1 ]
nightvision to be enabled, and draws a crosshair at the center of the
screen that changes between green and black quite fast, this making it
easy to see at all times.

FreakVision xHair: [ 1 ]
<blockquote>Note: You need to have the following setting enabled for this to work:
<blockquote>PHP Code:
cl_crosshairusealpha "0"

a while of fiddling with the default crosshair I decided it would be
best to use this instead. This is mostly a copy of the original thick
crosshair posted in the "legal cheats"
sticky, however I removed a couple of things that didnt need to be in
there to work. Also the original one was pink, and since FreakVision is
a rather bright wallhack I decided to go with black instead for my
version. Another alternative you should consider is JAvEX HUD Crosshair.

</blockquote>FreakVision Dark: [ 1 ]
people asked if I could make it a little darker, so I changed the
texture a little. I think that if you're trying to look like someone
who isn't cheating, the dark version should be easier. But it's all
about preference really [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.].
to use it : Once you download the FreakVisionv3 you will need to
extract it to lets say your desktop. Once you do that you will have a
folder called Materials. You will have to go to (by default) My
Computer > C drive > Program files > Steam > Steamapps >
(Your steam id) > Counter-Strike Source> cstrike and then you are
at the folder where you can drag your Wallhack materials in and say Yes
to all when you are doing that. I hope you enjoy the wallhack. The only
credits you can give me is for posting it in Gamerzplanet.

The rest of the files I uploaded i dont know how to use but they i think modify more stuff into the wallhack.

(Not responsible if it doesnt work or anything like that. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.)

Video: YouTube - CSS Undetected WallHack

FreakVision V3:
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
FreakVision Dark: RapidShare: Easy Filehosting
FreakVision NoSky: RapidShare: Easy Filehosting
FreakVision xHair: RapidShare: Easy Filehosting
FreakVision xHair V2: RapidShare: Easy Filehosting

All files are 100% clean, feel free to scan.
- Greetings, Feena

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